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Health Club & Indoor Gym Turf Flooring in the Washington, DC Area

Indoor turf is becoming a staple for gyms and health clubs all over Washington, DC, and Montgomery County, MD.  A wide range of health clubs and gyms are installing commercial artificial turf for strength training, CrossFit, and specialty sports. Capitol Turf Pros has installed indoor gym turf in Potomac, MD, and the surrounding areas for weight rooms and fitness facilities to accommodate more innovative fitness regimens, increase the durability of their floor, and improve the look of the facility. Gym turf is just what you need to give your fitness center an edge over the competition.

No matter what type of gym facility you have, we have the right synthetic turf for you. Our turf is perfect for your health club’s weight room, indoor soccer field, track, outdoor fields, or indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Check out our page on specialty sport artificial turf!

Do you need artificial turf installed at your health club? Capitol Turf Pros can install high-quality gym turf in Rockville, MD, and the surrounding areas for you.

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Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf Flooring for Your Rockville, MD Gym

Gym turf flooring can provide many benefits for your gym. Not only will adding gym turf to your Rockville, MD, fitness center allow those that cross-train or play intramural sports to have a better indoor experience, but it will last a long time. More people are searching for gym turf when trying to decide which health club to become a member of. The trend of cross-training and intramural sports like soccer is increasing in popularity. Don’t be the gym that waits too long to make the change and realizes they already lost half their members to competing fitness clubs with gym turf flooring!

  • Durable: The high-quality synthetic turf from Capitol Turf Pros is a great way to improve your fitness center or health club. Our turf is nonabrasive and soft, making it perfect for an indoor or outdoor field. Plus, with an average life span of 10 years, our turf is a safe, low-maintenance investment for any part of your health club.
  • Unique: With the increase in popularity of more extreme exercise regimens like CrossFit, it has become more important to have an area in your fitness center that can accommodate more intense agility drills and sled pushes. Not only will our artificial turf be easier on the joints than a typical gym rubber floor, but you’ll also be able to drive in more business as a health club that provides a unique workout area that your competitors lack.
  • Low-maintenance: Our turf drains exceptionally well. When you install turf in your health club, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning or spills again. Our turf sits on an absorbent bed of subsoil made of crushed rubble or gravel, which absorbs moisture and liquid to keep it dry.
  • Clean: Because our turf is moisture-resistant and chemical-free, and since it has an antimicrobial surface, it’s the perfect sanitary alternative for your health club. Plus, because of the draining system that comes with our turf, cleaning will be a breeze. Our turf is chemical-free for a safe workout environment. If you’re planning on installing turf outdoors, learn how to keep outdoor turf clean.

Adding artificial grass for gyms, health clubs, and fitness centers will take your gym to the next level!

More people than ever are searching for places with indoor gym turf in Potomac, MD, and the surrounding areas. This trend is here to stay. Call or contact us today to keep your business from falling behind.

Call Capitol Turf Pros To Install Artificial Grass for Gyms & Health Clubs in MD, DC & VA

Our synthetic turf is a great way to add an innovative flair to your weight room or upgrade your indoor or outdoor sports fields. Our product is safe, sanitary, and low maintenance. Our gym turf installers are highly trained and will make sure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Artificial grass for gyms in Arlington, VA, and the surrounding areas is more popular than ever. Contact us today or call (240) 454-3794 to learn more about our synthetic turf installation services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial turf is a durable, shock-absorbent, and versatile surface for your gym. With artificial turf, you give people a low-impact surface for their workouts. It also looks aesthetically appealing and can be customized to your specific needs. Finally, it is hypoallergenic, making it a better choice than grass when a grass-like surface is needed.

Yes, artificial turf is durable enough for gyms. This flooring takes minimal maintenance and will last for many years. Artificial turf is an excellent choice for a gym floor and can last up to 20 years with the proper cleaning and maintenance.

The durable surface can withstand the pressure of heavy gym equipment. Also, its non-slip surface with quite a bit of friction helps the equipment stay in place, so the people using the gym equipment are safer.

There are many reasons why artificial turf is a good choice for workouts. First, it is a shock-absorbant surface, reducing wear and tear on your joints. Second, it has a non-slip surface, so users are at less risk of falling. Finally, it provides cushioning if you fall while supporting the person’s athletic activities. This combination means it is safe, practical flooring.

Maintaining artificial turf is simple. You can use a broom, vacuum, or blower to remove large debris from the turf’s surface. For a deeper clean, hot, soapy water works well. You can also spot-clean it with a cloth dipped in mineral spirits.

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