4 Places You Should Install Artificial Turf In Your Home

Posted on: January 17, 2017

Artificial turf stands to improve homes through function, visual appeal, and even in saving stress. But while some of our patrons love the idea of having a turf installation, they aren’t quite sure where or for what. Are you looking to install artificial turf in McLean, but need some fresh ideas? If so, the experts at Capitol Turf Pros have some recommendations for you.

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Our Top Four Picks for Places You Should Install Turf

Turf can be gorgeous; turf can be function. But it can also be both of these things, and when clients come to us looking for the best ways to use their turf, we tend to point toward solutions that suit both of these goals in one, like these:

  • As a part of your landscape. Having a gorgeous, idyllic landscape is a great thing. However, they can get pretty involved, and eventually might begin eating up more time than you wanted to put in. As in a lot more. So how about having a perfect landscape that requires almost no maintenance? This is where turf can really provide some benefits, giving you that ideal landscape you’ve always wanted, without all of the time-eating maintenance.
  • As your putting green. A nicely trimmed and grown putting green is nice and all, but honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to using artificial turf. With a turf installation, you get your exact height in the initial placement, and it will never deviate, never change, and will always look its best.
  • Your designated pet area. Having a family pet is always welcome, but they can cause some serious havoc on your lawn. Have you noticed that your pet tends to pick the same spots on a routine basis? If so, a pet turf installation is ideal! This way you can protect your landscape, and give your loved companion a customized space for their use alone.
  • Play areas for kids. Take your pick of kids play areas, be it a sand box or a pebble-lined playground, and you’ll recall loads of stories of injury and scrapes. In fact, you’ve probably got some memories of your own on the matter! Turf, however, can remove the risks of an injury considerably. Our turf is durable yet pliable, and can provide cushion against even the nastiest falls. For a safe, smart space that looks great, too, go with synthetic turf.

Turf Installation with Capitol Turf Pros

Think these four sound pretty good? They’re just a start! With our experts at your side, your turf can be used for anything! Line your patio, design unique landscape features, protect the underside of your deck; you name it, our experts can do it. Just give us a call, or contact us online when you’re ready to install artificial turf in McLean!

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