4 Reasons You Need to Install Artificial Turf this Spring

Posted on: February 12, 2018

It’s been a rough, cold winter. But we’ve nearly made it out! With the chill finally winding down, you’re probably thinking about getting your landscape squared away in the coming weeks. Before you start planning to lay out new sod, seeding, and struggling to sow and maintain your spring landscape, the experts at Capitol Turf Pros have a suggestion: why not take advantage of artificial turf this year?

Follow along to find out why you should invest in artificial turf for your spring landscape!

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

No More Massive Investments

It’s undeniable that a landscape with a major investment backing it up can look flawless. Lush, green grass that stays well-maintained and manicured can really make a difference in the visual appeal of your outdoor space. However, in order to get the kind of results you actually want, you may need a landscaping company to do a ton of work or make a fairly sizable investment all on your own.

Artificial turf is a single investment that will pay off for years to come! That means one easy installation has you covered for this spring, the next, and many more years in the future, saving you a considerable amount of money over its lifespan.

Extra Time

In order for your natural grass landscape to look great, it needs a very accurate balance of nutrition and grooming, necessitating hours of hard work that must be repeated fairly frequently all throughout the spring and summer months. This is not the case with turf! Professionally installed poly turf, once installed, is going to look excellent and will continue to do so all season long.

Great Appearance

There was a time when you could spot artificial turf a mile away. It looked flaky, matted, and underwhelming. We’re glad to say that is miles from the truth these days! Specialists install artificial grass that not only rivals real grass in appearance but also continues to look great in the spring, summer, fall, and winter with minimal effort.

Safe for Pets

We all love the family dog, of course. What we don’t particularly love is our pets ruining huge swathes of grass on a routine basis. With turf, this is never a concern. Not only can artificial turf stand up to the rigors of rough pet play and potty time, but it is also much safer than grass and doesn’t require the pesticides and chemicals of a real grass lawn.

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