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5 Amazing Places You Never Thought of to Install Artificial Turf

Posted on: March 23, 2015

When you think of artificial turf, you probably think of putt-putt golf courses and sports fields. But did you know that you can use artificial turf in incredibly creative ways to enhance your home? Not only does artificial turf never need maintenance other than the occasional sweeping and touch-up, it looks great and can be put in places it would be almost impossible to have actual grass.

One of the big fears of installing artificial turf is that it will look obviously fake. That’s just not the case anymore. Modern landscape polypropylene turf (the type of turf installed by Capitol Turf Pros) comes in so many different varieties and lengths, you’re sure to find one you like. It’s also equipped with a curly, short thatch layer of yarn called the “root zone”—usually brown or yellow in color in order to mimic the real shades of grass—that helps prop up the long blades. This modern artificial turf looks exactly like the real thing and is much more versatile than real grass. Here are five places that look amazing with artificial turf:

Creative Uses of Artificial Turf

  1. Installing artificial turf on your shady porch or enclosed patio: Just because you live in a condo or apartment high-rise doesn’t mean you can’t have a lush garden escape all for yourself. Install artificial turf on your porch or patio, and combine it with potted flowers, creeper vines, and hanging plants to turn your boring balcony into a relaxing escape from the concrete jungle.
  2. Installing artificial turf on your paver driveway or paver patio: The great thing about artificial turf is you can cut it to fit exactly where you want it to go. A growing trend is to install artificial turf between pavers, making a unique cross-hatch incorporating greenery and geometric shapes. You can use this method in your yard as well, to cut out paver stones and make a path from the driveway to the front door, or the back patio to the shed.

Source: Palm Beach Daily News https://www.palmbeachdailynews.com/errors/404/

  1. Installing artificial turf on your kids’ play area: Polypropylene turf is completely safe for playgrounds or play areas in your own backyard. Not only will it cut back on grass stains and potential digging mishaps, you can cut the turf in a shape like a star or the outline of the United States to make it more fun for your kids.
  2. Installing artificial turf on your pool patio: Breaking up a natural stone or concrete pattern with strips of artificial turf is great for giving hot feet a break around the pool patio. You can even build in geometric designs to give your pool patio some depth and dimension, and some contrast to the blue water.
  3. Installing artificial turf to create artistic backyard designs: Because artificial polypropylene turf can be cut into any pattern and stays that way, you can get creative with your backyard or garden. The Historic Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills used artificial turf to give the impression, “It’s definitely NOT your granddad’s mansion anymore.”

Source: Grace Design Associates via Houzz

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