Why Artificial Turf Is Environmentally-Friendly

Posted on: September 10, 2016

Artificial turf is beautiful and convenient, but what many homeowners don’t know is that it is also great for the environment. If you want a beautiful and green lawn, but don’t want to waste water or expose your family and pets to dangerous chemicals, then artificial turf is a great solution for your yard. Here are some ways that you can protect the environment when you install artificial turf yards in the Washington, DC area.

Less Water Use

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that about a third of all residential water use is used to water outdoor plants, with the majority of that going towards the lawn. That totals 9 billion gallons of water a day across the country, and a full half of that water is wasted due to poor irrigation methods, causing water to run off instead of going where it’s supposed to go.

Artificial turf eliminates much of this water use. When you install artificial turf on Potomac lawns, you never have to water the lawn. In fact, the only time you have to use water is to rinse off the turf to remove debris or pet waste. Otherwise it will stay lush and green all year long without a drop of water.

No Chemicals or Fertilizers

Artificial turf requires no toxic chemicals or fertilizers. It cannot grow weeds and will not fall victim to pests, so you will never have to spray poison on your yard to keep it looking great. This means your artificial turf is always a healthy place for kids and pets to play, and it does not contribute toxic chemicals to runoff water.

Artificial Turf Never Needs Mowing

How many gallons of gas have you put into your mower in your attempt to keep your grass clipped and tidy? When you install artificial turf, you never have to mow again. Over the lifetime of your turf, this adds up to a significant amount of valuable fuel saved, not to mention fewer emissions into the air from your mower.

Artificial Turf Requires Minimal Disruption to Install

Artificial turf is quite versatile and requires minimal work or disruption to the environment around the installation area in order to be installed well. When you choose artificial turf, you can create the ambiance you want just about anywhere, even in places where planting grass just won’t work. Create a lawn in your rowhouse. Add it to your condo’s terrace. Anywhere you want lush, green grass, you can install artificial turf, and all without disruption to the area around your yard.

Artificial Turf and Pet Waste

You may be thinking that artificial turf and pets cannot go together because of the question of pet waste. Maybe you have tried artificial turf for your pets in the past, only to be frustrated by the smell. If that is the case, then you owe it to yourself to check out the newest options for artificial turf.

Today’s artificial turf drains quickly and can be cleaned with a hose. When your pet does his business, simply wash away the evidence. It does not absorb odors easily, and the surface is anti-microbial, which further protects from odors. With artificial turf, cleaning up after your dog is as easy as possible.

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