Landscaping Your Backyard Putting Green

Posted on: April 27, 2015

The rise in popularity and convenience has led many homeowners to consider a backyard putting green for their residential property. Whether you live in Maryland, Washington DC or Virginia, artificial turf stands up to the mid-Atlantic weather better than seasonal grass—allowing you and your friends to take advantage of the convenience of backyard golfing in any month of the year.

But backyard putting greens have come a long way from the days of simple strips and circles in your backyard. You have many options to incorporate artificial turf into an amazing backyard landscape, so there’s no reason your putting green should be boring. Read on for a few ideas to take your backyard putting green from blah to wow!

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Creating a Stylish Backyard Putting Green

The rising popularity of backyard putting greens in some locations has led to a surge in the creativity of the landscaper. Far from being a staid piece of outdoor décor, you can find some truly magnificent design options. Many homeowners in the Washington, DC metro area are opting to add the following to their backyard putting greens to help transform it into a beautiful landscape:

Consider a picturesque fountain or small ponds and a waterfall between holes, with s paving marking the distance from your patio to the beginning of the greens. You can even design miniaturized, scaled renditions of famous golf courses by former PGA players-turned-designers.

You can ratchet up the ambience a touch with artistically-spaced landscape lighting for late-night golf, with the illumination casting an unforgettable flush on antique sculptures arranged around the grounds. A pool or hot tub adds to the entertainment value of the scene, and there are many different options for the precise arrangement.

If you’re actually in the process of building a home, then you could have some of the extended architectural elements incorporated into a backyard putting green for an even more organic feel. Is your terrace positioned such that the grounds can support a hedge of landscaped bushes encircling the greens for privacy? The options are endless once you’re made aware of the possibilities. A putting green has as much design appeal as it has entertainment value—and it significantly increases the property value.

Capitol Turf Pros: Washington, DC’s Favorite Backyard Putting Green Installers

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