When’s the Best Time of Year to Install Artificial Turf?

Posted on: January 21, 2016

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So, you’ve made the decision to call on Capitol Turf Pros for your artificial turf installation needs. Great! There’s nothing we would love more than to assist you in building a turf installation that perfectly suits your needs. Now you have the how and why, but one question remains: When. While there is no ‘bad time’ for turf installation for your home or business, there are some optimal choices that can ensure you have the turf ready to roll when you need it.

When Should I Have My Turf Installed?

It all boils down to what you intend to do with your turf. Are you installing turf for pure aesthetics, or will it serve a practical purpose? When do you intend to utilize the turf most? Let’s look at some specific situations:

  • Turf for backyard putting greens. Odds are, you intend to have a long, productive season with your putting green. Spring and summer are the biggest seasons to make full use of your turf, spring being the more important of the two. For this reason, we would recommend installing your turf in late February, or early March. Why? Because you want the turf ready to go as soon as the weather permits!
  • Turf for aesthetics. If you’re looking to our top-quality polyethylene turf to accentuate the beauty of your landscape, we’d recommend as early in the year as possible. December might not be your best shot, as the soil around your home is undergoing a lot of changes, but as soon as the frost breaks early in the year is likely your best shot to ensure your turf is ready for showing!
  • Indoor turf. For indoor applications, any time is the best time to begin enjoying the benefits of your artificial turf from Capitol Turf Pros! There is no ‘best season’, as turf doesn’t become more or less available at any given time. Installation is also completely possible in any climate, any weather and any season.

Is Winter a Bad Time for My Artificial Turf Installation?

In a word, no. In three words, not at all! You may be thinking that the cold might affect the ‘plastic’ of your turf, making it brittle and dangerous, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. First off, we use polyethylene turf, a polymer that boasts exceptional applications when used as turf. Unlike what you might think of as plastic, poly turf is tough, and behaves naturally in any temperature. This means it’s safe and easy to install year round!

Top Quality Artificial Turf Installation Year Round with Capitol Turf Pros

No matter what idea you have in store for your Maryland artificial turf, our experts are equipped and ready to assist you in getting the quality installation you deserve. No matter what season, our turf stand a cut above the rest! Contact us today to learn more about our installation services, and for more great information on our turf and it’s best applications, keep up with our blog!

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