Checklist for Caring for Artificial Turf in Winter

Posted on: November 9, 2016

With the chill of winter slowly settling in here in Maryland, you might have some concerns regarding your artificial turf. Can it stand up to the cold? Do you need to do anything in particular to prep your synthetic turf for the coming season? Answers to these questions and more, coming up from the turf experts at Capitol Turf Pros!

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Can My Turf Stand Up To Winter?

Simply put, yes, it absolutely can. Modern turf using polyethylene, nylon, and other materials is exceptionally durable, and very resistant to weather of any kind. There are a few situations where you might worry over your turf a bit, and take care to address it, including:

  • Sudden temperature drops. Normally, the temperature steadily descends in the winter season in Maryland. However, if you note a massive chill incoming, say, a drop of 20 or 30 degrees all at once, you might take care to not trample your turf too much. There’s not a ton of concern here, but it is slightly possible that the weather will make your blades a bit more brittle and rigid, which can be a little uncomfortable for pets or barefoot treks to the mailbox.
  • A freeze after rain. This creates a similar situation to the one stated above. That freezing rain can make your grass blades a bit sharper than usual, though not really more so than normal live grass. Do take some caution that your blades don’t begin to snap off, which might be possible in the early mornings after a heavy freezing rain.

Can My Turf Handle Snow?

Without question! Artificial turf drains better than living grass, and snow will simply melt and drain away with no trouble at all. Do take some care about slippery patches, though, just like you would with normal ground.

Tips for Artificial Turf Maintenance in Potomac

To ensure your turf looks and performs at its best, you can essentially continue caring for it much in the same way as you usually do. These tips might help you stay on top of your artificial turf maintenance in Potomac:

  • Clear away debris. Continue to clear away fallen limbs, leaves, and other plant materials to keep your landscape looking its best and to prevent messy buildups.
  • Use the right tools. If you need to clear snow and ice off of your artificial turf for any reason, be sure to use less harsh tools to ensure you don’t bend or break blades. A sturdy plastic snow shovel and plastic rake can do wonders. But avoid metal tools!
  • Shelter from the extremes. In the event of a huge storm, say a blizzard or something similar, you probably have little to be worried about. But if you’re worried about your backyard putting green in Maryland, go ahead and throw a tarp over the turf for a day or two for an added layer of insulation. It makes cleaning up after the heavy snow simpler, too!

Artificial Turf Maintenance in Potomac with Capitol Turf Pros

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