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The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Turf

Looking for a low-maintenance way to maintain a luxurious lawn that’s also eco-friendly? Look no further! While you may have your doubts, you can get eco-friendly turf for your backyard, playground, or pet area. Eco-friendly turf in Maryland is becoming one of the hottest landscaping trends in the region. Simply put, homeowners love the idea of maintenance-free turf that’s also good for the environment.

If you’re in the Maryland area, Capitol Turf Pros can install eco-friendly turf in your yard or place of business, whether it’s a dog park, pet hotel, veterinary clinic, school, or day care center!

Artificial Turf Saves Water

Eco-friendly turf offers several environmental benefits. One of them is a proper watering schedule. You’ve probably seen a home or two in your neighborhood using a sprinkler on hot summer days to keep the lawn looking nice and green. And while their lawn does look good, all that water can rack up a huge bill—not to mention it can be wasteful!

Choosing synthetic, eco-friendly turf eliminates the need for watering your lawn. You won’t need to water the grass because synthetic turf doesn’t need it. Because the Maryland area frequently gets long dry spells during the warmer months, you’ll do your community—and the environment—a favor by saving on water.

Artificial Turf Doesn’t Use Chemicals

You’ve heard pesticides and fertilizers are bad for the environment. But did you know many farms and landscaping companies frequently use them to give your lawn that vibrant shade of green? Now you can have the best of both worlds—artificial, eco-friendly turf gives you the look of a rich and healthy lawn free from pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that might impact the environment.

Have more questions about our artificial and eco-friendly turf? Give us a call! We’d be happy to explain to you in better detail the environmental benefits of synthetic turf and why you should install it today. Contact Capitol Turf Pros for all your synthetic turf needs.

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