Fake Grass For Dogs

Posted on: April 16, 2013

If you’re a proud dog owner, chances are you’ve come to terms with having a not-so-attractive lawn. However, with synthetic turf—the perfect fake grass for dogs—you can let Fido play to his heart’s content and have a beautiful lawn!

The realistic look and feel of artificial turf provides a low-maintenance solution for you and a carefree place for your pet to play. Here’s a closer look at the installation process and benefits of fake grass for dogs.

Fake Grass Installation Process

Once you decide artificial grass is right for your lawn, a professional team completes the installation. On a general level, the installation process entails:

  • Removing existing sod along with two to three inches of soil (the sub base is pitched slightly so water drains away from your home)
  • Compacting the soil so it becomes firm and stable
  • Installing a mesh barrier to prohibit plant growth
  • Installing a four-inch gravel layer with a coating of fine sand on top of that
  • Rolling out the turf, positioning it properly, cutting it to size, and attaching the turf
  • Tacking down the turf to the embedded board on the perimeter

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial or fake grass offers many different benefits. It:

  • Requires minimal maintenance: High-quality polypropylene turf is easy to clean and care for. Unlike a natural lawn, it casino online doesn’t need to be watered, fertilized, or mowed, which saves you time, money, and energy. These qualities also make your artificial lawn an environmentally friendly alternative to real grass.
  • Is resistant to moisture: Fake grass for dogs drains quickly after a rainstorm, leaving no puddles behind. No more wiping muddy paw prints off the carpet!
  • Lasts a long time: High-quality turf is built to last with durable fibers and a strong backing system. Even with an active pet, children playing, and taxing weather conditions, you can expect your fake grass to look great for years to come.
  • Is clean and safe: Artificial turf is naturally antimicrobial and lead-free. It’s also non-abrasive and comfortable—the perfect play area for your dog!

With synthetic turf, you get complete peace of mind, a happy pet, and a beautiful lawn all in one convenient package. To learn more about installing fake grass in your yard in the Frederick, Maryland area, contact Capitol Turf Pros today!

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