Why Hire a Synthetic Turf Installer?

Posted on: July 27, 2017

So you’ve decided you want a synthetic turf installation for your DC area home. But why should you shell out for a professional installation? Can’t you just do the job all on your own? Well, the team at Capitol Turf Pros would recommend you not, and today we’re going to talk about why.

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Why Can’t I Install it Myself?

Well, in a literal sense you can. The turf police isn’t going to come and stop you. But as with all decisions about home improvement and projects, it’s all about weighing the pros versus the cons. And in this instance hiring a pro provides way more benefits. Why? Let us count the ways:

  • Purchasing and installing turf is expensive. Either way you look at it the project is going to be an investment. But when it comes to purchasing turf, ridding yourself of excess materials, and the project as a whole, pros can get it done for far less cost. We have access to premium suppliers and manufacturers, get all of our materials at considerable discounts, and already have all the proper disposal facilities lined up.
  • Without proper knowledge the job can take a while. You likely would prefer to start enjoying your new, gorgeous, life-like turf as soon as possible. But without a professional’s tools and training, what could be a single day job can take weeks or more.
  • All of your efforts could go to waste. Installing turf isn’t complex really, but it is extremely precise. Any mistakes in measurement or half-correct installation decisions can lead to the entire project having to be scrapped. That means paying even more for new materials, and a lot of wasted time. Or you could go with a pro and ensure it all gets done flawlessly.
  • You want your turf to last as long as possible. A proper turf installation can last for decades. But as with above, mistakes can cost you years off of your investment. Unsecured turf or synthetic turf installation that is flawed opens up your turf to damage from the elements, shaving years off of its lifespan.

Professional Synthetic Turf Installation in DC and Maryland

Bottom line if you want to pay less and get a higher quality product, go with the pros! There’s a reason we spend so much time getting certified and licensed, and why we seek out the industry’s best manufacturers. We do it so you don’t have to! So if you’re ready for a synthetic turf installation that leaves you with flawless and gorgeous turf for a backyard putting green or an ideal landscape, contact the pros at Capitol Turf Pros!

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