What You Need to Host an Amazing Rooftop Party

Posted on: March 30, 2017

Nothing really compares to a rooftop party. The breeze, the evening stars, and a truly unique location all come together to really spell out good times. But when you’re trying to throw together the best rooftop bash in town, what exactly do you need to really kick things off and make your party amazing?

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How to Throw a Proper Rooftop Party

Whether you’re looking to party hard, or party at a bit more tamely, all of these things are going to need to be present:

  • People. What’s a party without guests? It may be obvious, but you really do need to think a bit about who you’re inviting. A roof can be spacious, but it can be limited, too. Because of this, you might want to be more selective and low-key. Not to mention the party census is going to dictate the snacks and beverages.
  • A great menu. Socializing and maybe a bit of dance might be the main attraction, but without a supporting cast of delectables your party is going to fall flat. Do some research and take some time, but no matter what you do be sure to stock appropriately.
  • Appropriate music. Keep this in mind: what music you like is important, but what music your guests like is more important! Is this going to be a dancing gig, or are you going for an upscale, luxury gathering instead? Think it through, and pick the tunes that suit the mood you’re going for.
  • Seating and shade. When dancing feet get tired, they’re going to yearn for a place to rest. And if there isn’t one? Folks are going to dip out really, really early. And if you plan on a daytime party, you’re going to want to include shade, unless you want sunburns to scorch out all of these happy memories being made.

The Big Thing You’re Overlooking for a Rooftop Bash

Food, folks, and fun are all well and good. But what do you really need for a rooftop party? Rooftop turf. Yes, we’re serious! Think about it: what’s the big drawback of a rooftop party? Hard, cold concrete. It’s uncomfortable to stand on, it’s ugly, and overall it’s not so great when it’s getting sunbaked, either. So your solution becomes rooftop turf; a way to get healthy, lush-looking grass up high, on the roof, where you can party in clean comfort.

Not to mention the investment, which is actually a pretty mild one, is going to pay off as time goes on. You get a great place to host an awesome party and all parties thereafter, and you get a totally unique spot for relaxing and rest!

Rooftop Turf Installation in Maryland

Want to learn a bit more about how a rooftop turf service can provide you with a comfortable, awesome place to host your spring and summer season parties in Bethesda, Potomac, and the surrounding areas? Contact Capitol Turf Pros online today!

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