Why You Should Install a Backyard Putting Green

Posted on: July 20, 2018

Artificial Turf Installation in Damascus, Maryland

For most of us, a yard is a place of many opportunities, but one that offers limited space. Wondering if a backyard putting green using artificial grass is worth the investment of space and time? Follow along with Capitol Turf Pros while we go over what all a green can bring to you!

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Putting Greens Offer Safe Fun for the Family

Coordinating outdoor activities is an excellent way to bond and keep the family happy. However, an empty landscape doesn’t offer much, and a playground only suits a very specific age group.

The teaching and activities that a backyard green offers are extremely valuable, and it’s an activity that will mature along with your children, offering a great family opportunity for all ages. And the family isn’t the only group that might benefit—backyard greens are great for small gatherings and spending a relaxing time with friends!

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A Place to Practice in Peace

Practice makes perfect, as we all know very well. But practice greens cost money to visit, are often a fair distance away, and include tons of other players all looking to work on their short game. Sometimes the social aspect is very welcome, but other times you just want to focus and really figure out how to nail down weak spots in your putting. Having your own green makes this easy, helping save time and money both in the long run while also offering a great, peaceful place to reach perfection.

A Unique Landscape Feature

Outside of the more obvious practical benefits, a putting green can also be incorporated to create a gorgeous and extremely unique landscape from an aesthetic standpoint. It can be a bit challenging to get just right, but when you really figure out how to landscape around a putting green, it can become a homeowner’s favorite design feature!

A Backyard Putting Green Adds Home Value

It’s not the highest raw ROI that you can choose, and if you’re looking to sell now rather than later, you’re better off focusing on other places. However, if you plan on selling later down the line, a putting green can become that much more valuable. You get five to ten years of excellent play and maintenance-free landscape, and then when the time comes to sell, you’ll have a unique and appealing selling point that will make your Maryland home really stand out.

The Advantages of Going with Artificial Turf for Your Maryland Putting Green

So, why go with artificial turf over traditional grass? Well, there are actually a lot of great reasons, including:

  • Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance, especially when compared to real grass.
  • Artificial grass offers you the right length and thickness you need for your short game, and it will never change!
  • Artificial turf is built with impact-absorbing infill that will lessen the potential risks of a mishap or fall.
  • Artificial turf stays playable and gorgeous all year round, helping you stay in shape even in the off seasons.

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