Is All Synthetic Turf the Same? The Short Answer Is No

Posted on: September 25, 2016

When you’re considering a synthetic turf installation for your Washington, DC home or business, you might decide that pretty much anything will do the job. Do you feel that all synthetic turf is the same, and will always provide you with the same product and result? At Capitol Turf Pros, we’re happy to say that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Synthetic turf is hugely diverse, coming in various material types, sizes, heights, the grass it emulates; you name it. And knowing the difference can make a huge impact on what kind of turf you get for your needs. In fact, it can be the difference between getting outright bad turf and perfect turf.

What Are the Different Turf Types?

Okay, so maybe we’re not happy that not all turf is the same, per se. It’d be great if all products were equal, always providing consumers with a sturdy, gorgeous product. But that’s just not the case. There are types of turf out there that have given turf a bad name, and there are types (like the ones we provide) that are entirely indistinguishable from real grass!

When you’re talking synthetic turf installation and turf types, you could be talking about two big things: the material used, and the type of grass the turf is emulating (or, where you need the turf).

Types of synthetic turf installation for specific purposes

To get an idea of what we’re talking about here, let’s go over some places you might use your turf:

  • Backyard putting greens
  • Under or on-patio or balcony turf
  • Turf in shady areas
  • Pet turf
  • Playground turf

You get the idea. The important thing is that you might use different types of turf for these specific areas. Putting green turf, for example, needs specific grass blade heights to serve properly, while under-area turf might require shade-resistant turf materials.

Types of synthetic turf materials

There are three major “types” of turf when it comes to the materials used in its manufacture:

  • Polyethylene. A high-cost but attractive option, polyethylene turf is commonly used in commercial business applications or for specific functions.
  • Polypropylene. The prime choice from our experts at Capitol Turf Pros, polypropylene turf is durable, gorgeous, and cost-effective, making it perfect for residential applications of varying purpose and type.
  • Nylon. Nylon turf is the “tough stuff”, and is often used in sports applications (even though it presents some safety risks indoors). Nylon is also often used in conjunction with other materials to add strength and durability, making a longer-lasting overall product.

Get the Perfect Synthetic Turf Installation with Capitol Turf Pros

No matter your needs, or what you intend to use your turf for, the experts at Capitol Turf Pros can help! We’ve been providing the best in synthetic turf installation and turf services for decades, and when it comes to reliability and knowledge, we simply can’t be beat! Contact us today to learn more, or to set up a consultation for your top-tier turf!

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