Is Artificial Turf Safe for Playgrounds?

Posted on: May 16, 2018

As anyone might expect, safety is the number one concern when it comes to constructing or implementing a playground area. One of the biggest areas of concern? The ground! The quest to find a proper cushion against falls and tripping—and one that is non-toxic—has been a long running one. We’re here today to tell you why artificial playground turf might be the right pick!

Artificial Grass Is Non-Toxic

While the turf materials of yesteryear were made up of a variety of questionable chemical combinations, modern polyethylene is completely safe in a solid form. That means you get a gorgeous, high-quality product that takes very little maintenance and one simple, straightforward initial purchase cost. As a result, you have a completely safe chemical that can be used in playground applications for all age ranges.

Artificial Grass Offers the Highest Degree of Cushioning

Tons of materials have been used to try to reduce impacts and scrapes, from sand to tiny stones—even rubber has been used from time to time. But of all of these, the best impact resistance is typically found either in real grass or in polyethylene turf. With turf’s high flexibility and lack of coarseness it tends to smooth a fall rather than exacerbate it, helping to minimize the occurrence of additional cuts and injuries.

Even better, the infill used in modern turf is a great combination of sands and soft rubbers, which will absorb an impact even better than normal grass where the only absorption to be found is in hard, compacted earth. When combined with or augmented by foam under layers, you can even reduce potential risks of a fall by feet, creating a very safe padding for even rougher play or sports.

Synthetic Materials Keep Your Playground Allergy-Free

One of the largest challenges offered by turf’s biggest competitor (natural grass) is that many children, or even young adults, are quite susceptible to allergies of varying types. Turf completely circumvents a very large number of these, and since common weeds are no problem at all on a synthetic field, you’ll find a lot less pollen and plant related allergy issues in general.

Is Synthetic Turf the Best Option for Playgrounds?

Though this question may have warranted some deeper discussion in the past, the technology and material advancements of synthetic turf in the past few years have made it fairly moot. Artificial turf is not just a good option for playgrounds—it is in fact the best option. There are cheaper choices, of course, but due to a combination of the benefits, artificial turf pulls ahead in all regards.

When you install artificial turf for your playground, you benefit from:

  • Non-toxic and totally safe play areas
  • Impact and fall resistance
  • The lowest maintenance requirements of all material types
  • An eco-friendly playground
  • A long-lived product, helping to mitigate the slightly higher investment

Artificial Turf for Playgrounds in MD, VA & DC

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