Landscaping With Dogs – Tips from Landscaping Professionals

Posted on: April 22, 2017

landscaping with dogs, a dog on fake grass

We love our adorable, friendly family pets. But we also love our gorgeous landscapes, and sometimes these two things just really don’t seem to mix well. Having trouble with an adventurous pup who thinks your landscape is the world’s best digging hole? The experts at Capitol Turf Pros can help you out!

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Setting Boundaries with Your Landscaping

The most influential and effective way to look at the entire project is that you are attempting to define parameters and boundaries for your dog. You want to establish “no-fly” zones, and safe play areas, and help them to understand the difference. By doing this, you don’t restrict your pet and his or her play time, and you also get to save your poor, besieged lawn.

There are a few ways to go about this, and typically it’s best to employ multiple solutions for a combined benefit. We’ll go down the line and talk about a few of your best options:

Protecting Sensitive Landscape from Dogs

When the word boundary comes up, many folks are going to immediately think of fences and walls, and honestly that’s not a bad option at all. If you have difficulty wrestling with your pet, or lack the extensive amount of time it can take to train a pet new things, fences are a fine choice. Not to mention many fences and walls, such as retaining walls, stone walls, and rustic wood fences can be a gorgeous addition to your space. Just make certain the wall or fence is high enough!

Meeting Your Pet’s Habits

If you’ve had your furry family member for a while, the odds are good that she or he has a very set routine outdoors. Many pets tend to “patrol” the area, and will trample grass and flower alike in order to get their rounds in. Instead of fighting with roughed up greenery, try looking into getting flagstone or paver walkways along their typical route. This gets your greens out of the way, gives them a great, safe place to walk about, and gives you an awesome looking hardscaped path or walkway.

Give Them Their Own Landscape with Fake Grass for Dogs

They make fake grass for dogs!? Oh, yes, yes they do! And at Capitol Turf Pros we’re quite happy to provide! Setting up a defined “pet area” for either play, potty, or even both, can be your ideal solution. By providing your pet with a play area of their own, they get to run things how they like, while also saving your own landscape from the abuse.

It may take a bit of time to train your pets to use the turf (or it may take zero time at all. Most pets love the stuff!), but once training is done, you never have to stress over the issue again. It solves all of the problems! Fake grass for dogs is designed to take any measure of punishment, look great doing it, and last a long, long time. And it’s completely, 100% safe for your pets!

Think fake grass for dogs is the perfect option you’ve been looking for? We do, too! Give Capitol Turf Pros a call today, or reach us online for your consultation!

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