What Length of Grass Is Best for Your Artificial Turf?

Posted on: February 15, 2017

When you’re considering an artificial turf installation for your Maryland home, you naturally want to get the best product to suit your needs. When it comes to turf, you’ve got some options, as we’ve discussed in the past. But have you ever given the length of the blades of grass on your turf much thought? If not, you should!

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What Length of Grass Should My Maryland Turf Have?

No matter what you’re installing for, be it pet turf or a backyard putting green, the length of the blades of grass is going to factor in. It’s actually a very important step—one we take quite seriously. So what length does your turf need to be? Well, it depends. Different lengths serve to accomplish different goals, and there is such thing as getting your turf too short or too long.

Blades of Grass that Are Too Long

Turf that is too long for its purpose might be prone to bending, breaking, or ending up looking matted over time. When folks are looking for landscape turf and decide to do a DIY job (which we would not recommend, unless you like wasting cash) end up with excessively long turf.

Blades of Grass that Are Too Short

Turf that is hacked short will look threadbare. One of the major advantages of modern turf is that it looks so, so real. But when you give it a buzzcut, the backing and threads are going to be visible, making it look a real mess.

Typically a professional would help you avoid either of these issues, and if you’re unsure of the length of turf you need for your purposes, the experts at Capitol Turf Pros will most certainly help you out!

Turf Length and Specific Applications

To really get where we’re going with this, let’s use some examples.

  • Landscape turf. For a landscape, you want the turf tall enough to look lush and vibrant, but not so tall as to begin to bend and look wilted under the weight of our Maryland weather. Typically landscape turf is installed at one and a half to two inches, depending on some other minor factors.
  • Backyard putting green turf. A backyard putting green is one of our favorite jobs, but when it comes to the turf length, it’s going to depend even further. A backyard putting green is often installed as low as a third of an inch, and at as much as an inch and some change. It’s going to depend on what kind of resistance you want, what kind of course you’re simulating and so forth. Not sure what to shoot for with your backyard putting green? No worries! Our experts have loads of experience, and we’re always glad to help out.
  • Play area and sports turf. These tend to exceed two inches, offering a bit more cushion for safe play and improved impact resistance. It will vary a bit depending on what activities you expect to be getting into, but shooting for 2” is the recommended minimum here.

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