New Is Better When it Comes to Synthetic Turf Installations

Posted on: October 18, 2016

Artificial turf has come a long, long way in recent years. What was once an unattractive, poor alternative that resembled carpet more than grass is now a gorgeous, soft, and endlessly applicable product. And the team at Capitol Turf Pros couldn’t be happier about it!

We’ve been providing top-quality synthetic turf installation to home and business owners in Potomac and Montgomery County for a long time now. We install turf for use in playgrounds, sports, pet turf, backyard putting greens in Maryland; we’ve done it all! But there was a time when turf just wasn’t all that great.

Then and Now: What’s Different in Synthetic Turf Installation?

In order to become more widely applicable (and frankly, accepted), turf had to grow beyond the bright green plastic that was on your great aunt’s porch. Manufacturers began looking for ways to improve on the concept of turf, and the focus of their efforts went into two major categories: safety, and appeal.

Changes in Artificial Turf Safety

Old turf was essentially bits of nylon cut into strips and directly applied to surfaces like concrete, wood floors, and in some cases the ground itself. Old turf gave essentially nothing in the way of safety or cushioning, making it not only unappealing, but actually potentially dangerous as well. Scrapes and skin breaks abounded, and pretty much no one was ever happy to see turf. But this changed, of course, in recent years with chemical and technological advances.

First off, turf is made from more than just bits of nylon now. Modern turf comes in a few types, but all are softer, safer, and much more realistic looking. All types of modern turf use expertly-designed backing featuring thick padding, rubber, and occasionally sand to soften impacts. This makes modern turf springy, making it feel more real, and also making it actually safer than plain old earth!

Changes in Turf’s Look and Appeal

Once safety was down pat, synthetic turf manufacturers wanted to tackle appeal. The idea was to create an easy to use, durable and easy to maintain alternative to living grass that looked identical to the real thing. And guess what?

They succeeded!

New turf uses blends of excellent materials like the Polypropylene in the turf we install at Capitol Turf Pros. through the power of modern chemistry, we started seeing turf that was not only safer and softer, but much more lifelike.

Through gradual advancement, we eventually got the turf we see commonly today. A gorgeous, easy-to-maintain lawn alternative that sees use both in recreational applications, and in aesthetic and design ones as well!

Synthetic Turf Installation in Maryland

Looking for superior quality turf for your home or business? You can place your trust in the experts at Capitol Turf Pros! We’ve been helping patrons get the best in quality synthetic turf installation for years, and we would be proud to help you build a turf to be proud of. Contact us today to learn more, or to get a consultation!

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