What Sports Can Be Played on Artificial Turf?

Posted on: May 12, 2014

What good is artificial turf if you can’t play sports on it? Fortunately, Capitol Turf Pros turf is durable enough to support all sports, no matter how strenuous they are on the grass. From golf to football, our artificial turf can handle the pounding!

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Sports and Artificial Turf

All types of sports can be played on our synthetic turf. This includes:

  • Golf. This is one of the most common sports played on our turf. Our backyard putting greens are tremendously popular installations. Our premier turf installers can work with you to design a creative putting green that is perfect for you. Don’t let your game slip just because you can’t make it to the course—keep your short game on point with a backyard putting green!
  • Soccer. The constant running that takes place during a soccer match is no problem for Capitol Turf Pros’ synthetic turf. Plus, with how soft our turf is to the touch, you won’t have to worry about scrapes or cuts after slide tackles.online pokies So whether you’re looking for a recreational soccer pitch, or highly-used pitch that hosts multiple practices and games a week, Capitol Turf Pros can handle it!
  • Tennis. Our turf can provide a good bounce extremely similar to well-maintained grass courts. Want your own personal Wimbledon, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance? Our artificial turf is perfect for your tennis court desires!
  • Football. No sport puts more stress on grass than football. But our turf is up to the challenge. Our turf can be designed to include custom images with our high-tech EPDM surface.

These are just a few of the sports you can play on our turf. To learn more about our synthetic turf and to get a free quote, contact Capitol Turf Pros today!

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