Real or Fake? You Be the Judge

Posted on: October 29, 2015

At Capitol Turf Pros, we are so confident in our high-quality, polypropylene artificial grass that we bet you can’t tell the difference! Below you’ll find 10 photos, see if you can tell which is real grass and which is our top-or-the-line turf!

Which Is Artificial Grass?

1. grass 2. 4
3. grass-534873_640 4.
Yard Turf in townhome backyard

Source: Flikr
6. pet turf
7. dog-932447_640 8. daycare artificial turf
9. backyard putting green 10. golf green

Source: Bristol harbour

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Stumped? Here’s the answers:

  1. Real
  2. Artificial
  3. Real
  4. Artificial
  5. Real
  6. Artificial
  7. Real
  8. Artificial
  9. Artificial
  10. Real

How many did you get right?

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