The Sand You Use to Fill Your Artificial Turf Makes a Big Impact

Posted on: November 29, 2016

Recently we’ve discussed the types of artificial turf, and how and when you might use them. But today our experts want to talk about the infill; the stuff that makes your turf safe, buoyant, and looking beautiful! At Capitol Turf Pros, our team takes great care in ensuring your sand or rubber infill suits your needs perfectly. But how do these infills have an impact on your synthetic turf installation in McLean, VA? Let’s discuss!

Looking for top-class turf installation in McLean, VA for your backyard putting green, pet turf, or aesthetic landscape? If so, trust the team at Capitol Turf Pros to get it done, done right, and done beautifully! Contact us today to learn more, or to set a date for your consultation online!

What Is Infill?

The term “infill” refers to the material placed around and in between the blades of grass in artificial turf. The infill is typically rubber pellets, or a sand product. Which is used depends on the turf application. For example, rubber is often used in commercial installations and for large organized sports, like football fields. Sand is most commonly used in residential or recreational applications.

All artificial turf requires some measure of infill, as it gives the turf resilience, keeps the blades in good condition, and provides impact absorption and safety. How much sand goes into the infill on our turf depends on the use of the turf, but luckily for you, our experts know turf backwards and forwards. We can always ensure your turf is perfect for your turf installation in McLean, VA!

Silica and Acrylic-Coated Synthetic Turf Sand

These are the two most commonly used sand products for turf, and which you choose doesn’t ultimately change much. Both are excellent at what they do, and offer great benefits for your turf, including:

  • Beauty. The use of these sands for artificial turf are one of the big secrets to healthy-looking, gorgeous turf. When you use the right sand, in the right amounts, you get natural-looking grass blades that mimic live grass perfectly.
  • Durability. Sand also adds durability to your turf by blocking UV radiation that can degrade turf over extended periods of time, and it also helps each strand resist bending and breaking considerably.
  • Impact resistance. The correct quantities of infill sand for your turf installation in McLean, VA ensures that it feels like real grass when you walk on it, giving it that natural buoyancy that you feel when you walk on live grass. It also provides safety for impact, making it a much safer option than hard ground when children or pets are around.
  • Safety. Silica sands are anti-microbial, saving you the stress and frustration of having to deal with gross, unsafe microbes that can infest natural grass or poor quality artificial turf.

Synthetic Turf Installation in McLean, VA with Capitol Turf Pros

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