Why You Should Put a Surround on Your Backyard Putting Green

Posted on: September 15, 2015

Backyard Putting Green

Whether you’re a long-time backyard putter, or are considering installing a backyard putting green for the first time, Capitol Turf Pros urges you to take a proper surround into consideration. In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of knowing the size of green you’re aiming for, focused on optimizing your needs, stroke conditions and the like. Here we would like to discuss the surrounds, or simply the border around your putting green.

Traditionally a surround features turf roughly between the length of that of your green, and a fairway. Naturally, this number can vary wildly, appropriate to the type and breed of grass being used, but it gives you good base for consideration. But the more important question is this: Why is it so important to incorporate a good surround on your backyard putting green?

Putting Green Aesthetics

How your putting green looks may be a low priority for you, or it may be of utmost importance. Either way, installing a putting green with no surround makes your green look like one awkward duck. A good surround provides a frame for the area in which you putt, and allows for a measure of customization. Some homeowners opt for perennials and plant life to liven up their space, while others remain strictly utility, and use the surround to work on furthering skill. And on that note:

Honing Putting Technique

Likely the number one priority for any backyard putter, the surround adds another layer of training to your backyard putting green. The chip shot, by eye alone, seems a simple little tap to get the results and ball roll you want. But in reality, performing a perfect chip can be really tough, and plagues many skilled golfers.

Why? Aside from requiring a very unique stroke, chips put a lot of stress on the golfer. So close to the hole, and all eyes are on you, focusing on that chip can be a real clencher. This is where utilizing your surround to simulate chip shot situations can be of massive benefit. Practicing this shot in the safety, comfort and security of your own backyard removes all of the pressure, allowing the golfer to focus on learning, and building.

Backyard Putting Greens with Capitol Turf Pros

Paying mind to the surround of your green, simply put, allows you to add another layer to the sport you love. Both in skill and decorum, the surround is as much a part of your green as the turf it’s made of.

Here at Capitol Turf Pros, we’ve been in the business of supplying your homes and businesses with the highest quality turf for years. Quality and excellence are our standards, and like any good business, we put the satisfaction of our consumers first. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you achieve the backyard putting green you need!

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