Training Your Dog to Use Pet Turf

Posted on: April 27, 2016


pet turf with chocolate lab on it

At Capitol Turf Pros, we’re dedicated to providing unique, high-quality solutions. This goes for lawns, play areas, and recreational space; but it goes for meeting your everyday needs as well. Finding a challenge in getting your pet to use the artificial turf for pets you installed at your Maryland home? We might have some solutions for you!

What Is Artificial Turf for Pets?

Essentially exactly what it says. Pet turf offers a safe, visually appealing solution to a muddy, ripped up yard. Our high-quality polyethylene turf is strong, and can handle any amount of pet play, and even pet potty habits. It’s easy to install, easy to maintain, and can save you a lot of stress!

Training Your Pet to Use Turf

When a new space is suddenly installed in your home, your pet may show curiosity and interest. But that doesn’t mean he or she will immediately associate it with its intended use. Try these tips:

  • Define the space. Temporarily mark out the pet turf area with something like a fence. This will help them to stay within the space while you’re training, and can help them develop an association with the pet turf’s purpose. Some homeowners actually invest in a fancier fence, and permanently use the artificial turf for pets as a play area.
  • Consistency. If at all possible, always take your pet to the turf around the same time every day. Habits are very important to pets, and they’re more likely to understand if you keep up with them. A good time to try this is to take them out after each meal.
  • Leashing. For particularly obstinate pets, a leash might be necessary for a while to gently guide your dog to the turf. This holds particularly true for very young, or very old dogs; because one lacks a set habit, and the other has already established one.
  • Rewards. Rewarding your pet is absolutely critical. They learn best through positive reinforcement. Kind words, affirmation, and a designated doggy treat do wonders to set the groundwork for your pets potty habits. Do not strike or yell at your pet. It only confuses them, and will likely make them afraid of the turf area. You want them to like it, not run away from it!

Interested in learning more about pet turf for your home? Contact Capitol Turf Pros for the best turf services in Maryland, DC and Virginia!

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