What Is the Safest Material for a Playground?

Posted on: October 9, 2017

While playgrounds are an excellent way to encourage activity and provide entertainment, they also take quite a bit of preparation and planning in order to incorporate effectively. Out of all the factors involved, nothing is as vital as safety. Trying to decide what materials to use for a safe playground area? The team at Capitol Turf Pros in Maryland can help you decide.

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Less Effective Popular Materials for Playgrounds

There’s actually quite a selection to choose from when it comes to playground materials. However, over time many of these have been shown to be unsafe, inefficient, or costly. Bottom of the barrel options typically include:

  • Wood chips and shavings: The largest failing of wood chips and similar materials lies in their abrasive and often pointy nature. These materials can potentially break a fall, but they also add a risk of digging into skin and worsening what would have otherwise been an innocent fall. Wood chips are also frequently treated with chromated copper arsenate, a toxic substance, and they can harbor bacteria and mold as well.
  • Pebble and stone: Pebble and stone are a slight step up over wood chips in overall effectiveness, but they can still exacerbate a fall. Additionally, they cost more than most other materials for a minimal return, are difficult to maintain, and can also harbor bacteria.
  • Natural grass: Of the three lesser options, natural grass is the best pick. However, it still falls short of better materials. This is primarily because natural grass requires a considerable investment of time and money to implement and maintain. Even then, the odds are high that—in a place as active as a playground—the area will be worn down to base dirt in no time, which is highly unsafe.

Why Is Artificial Grass the Safest Playground Material?

So, what does a better job than all of these, offering more safety, excellent cost versus lifespan, and the ability to look great as well? Synthetic grass! The polyethylene turf from Capitol Turf Pros is chemically safe as well as non-abrasive. On top of that, the backing of top quality turf provides an excellent shock-absorption benefit, helping to cushion falls and avoid potential injuries. For safe play areas that look good, feel good, and last for years with minimal maintenance, nothing comes close to the safety and added value of artificial turf.

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Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf Installation for Playgrounds in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

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