Is Artificial Turf Safe for Children?

Posted on: March 6, 2014

While artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular surface choice for playgrounds, there are still concerns about whether artificial turf is a completely child-safe option. While we can’t speak for all synthetic grass manufacturers, we can assure you that our turf is as safe as normal grass for children!

What Makes Capitol Turf Pros’ Turf A Safe Option?

Our synthetic turf is safe on many fronts. Not only is it extremely clean, but it’s even softer than grass. This means not only will our anti-microbial surface protect against illness, but your child will be safer if they fall off any playground equipment. As a matter of fact, our turf is certified for up to a 12-foot critical head fall, in accordance with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. So when online casino canada you install our synthetic turf at your playground, you’re guaranteed safety! Some other reasons our turf is perfectly safe for children are:

  • It has a non-toxic fill. The fill that makes our turf is perfectly healthy. Our turf is filled with crushed gravel or sand, which means no toxic plastic pellets that could cause illness in children.
  • It’s water- and fertilizer-free. There are no potentially damaging chemicals in our turf—and this includes fertilizer. Don’t worry about what pesticides or chemicals have been sprayed on grass. Our turf never requires such treatment!
  • It has an active heat block. No matter how hot it is outside, our turf will remain cooler than other artificial turfs on the market.

Along with that, Capitol Turf Pros’ synthetic grass will remain an attractive, lush green color for decades to come. And unlike other fills—like wood chips or rubber—our turf doesn’t require yearly replacement. If you’re interested in learning more about our playground turf installation process, contact us today.

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