Daycare Turf Installation in Clarksville, Maryland

Safe Artificial Turf for Children & Their Playgrounds

At your daycare facility, it’s important to have the highest-quality, safest, and most durable surface for your play area or playground. Capitol Turf Pros’ synthetic turf not only fits the bill there, but is highly sanitary and extremely low-maintenance. With these qualities, our turf is the perfect fit for your daycare facility.

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Can Synthetic Turf Help your Clarksville Daycare?

Our synthetic turf for daycares features a unique blend of polyethylene monofilament fibers and thatch layers that simulate a blade fescue or blue grass. Not only is our blend of artificial turf completely non-toxic and chemical-free, but it provides a soft, carpet-like feel to the touch.

When you install our artificial turf for your Clarksville daycare or playground area, you’re getting only the highest-quality, safest, and softest turf available.

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Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf for Daycares

Are you considering saving time and money on lawn maintenance, and supporting the safety of the children you care for, by installing artificial turf for your daycare or playground?

Daycare turf installed by Capitol Turf Pros is:

  • Safe – Not only is our turf chemical-free and soft to the touch, but it’s also certified for up to 12-foot critical head fall. This makes it a practical and safe option for your daycare’s playground area. Our turf installers work in compliance with CPSC guidelines, so your turf will be installed under the tightest of scrutiny.
  • Durable – Our turf will maintain its vibrant and attractive color for years to come. Not only is our turf a good investment, but it will create a great first impression at your daycare.
  • Sanitary – Our turf is cleaner (and more comfortable) than traditional playground mulch and woodchips. It is completely anti-microbial and resistant to bacteria buildup. Also, when you install our synthetic turf, you’ll eliminate any allergic reactions to grass on your playground area.
  • Low-Maintenance – You’ll never need to water or mow grass ever again. Plus, with our turf’s integrated irrigation system, you won’t have to wait long after rain to get outside and play. Our turf dries extremely quickly!

As you can see, synthetic turf is the best surface option for your Clarksville, Maryland daycare. Don’t hesitate to improve your facility with our safe, child-friendly, and clean artificial turf.

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Daycare Turf in Clarksville, Maryland

Our turf is the safest, most sanitary surface for your daycare facility. Not only is it perfect for any outdoor areas you have, but it makes a great indoor surface for any playrooms you have at your facility. We have some of the best artificial turf installers in Clarksville, Maryland, so if you choose Capitol Turf Pros, you know your turf installation will go smoothly from start to finish.

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