Finding the Right Synthetic Turf Installer in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Posted on: November 5, 2012

Ready to switch from traditional grass to synthetic turf? That’s your first of many decisions— you’ll also need to decide what color grass to use, what kind of blade length to have, and who’ll get the job done! If you’re in the Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, area, you’re in luck—at Capitol Turf Pros, we’re one of the most experienced synthetic turf installers in the area. So when deciding who to choose, follow our tips on finding the right synthetic turf installers.

Ask Around

What made you choose synthetic turf? Was it a neighbor who recently installed it? Did you play baseball on a field with it? Regardless of how you discovered synthetic turf, going to the source is where you should start. Ask the neighbor who he called for his manicured lawn, or contact the park where you play baseball. These contacts will refer you to their source, giving you several companies to call. From there, inquire about their services and get estimates.

Get Samples & Portfolios

You wouldn’t buy a car before you test drove it, right? The same goes for synthetic turf. Ask prospective contractors for samples of turf and photographs of past projects. If they’ve completed projects in commercial areas, you could even go on sight and experience what the turf feels like!

Know What You Want

It’s pretty easy for an architect, contractor, or general landscaper to sweep you off your feet with grandiose ideas of what your home can be—don’t fall for the trap! Doing research before you meet with your synthetic turf installer will keep you grounded about design aesthetics and price. Before you interview your synthetic turf installer, have clear ideas about:

  • Where you want to install turf: Are you installing a playground in your backyard? A play area in a commercial day care space? Or a pet area? Having a clear idea about your synthetic turf needs helps when finding the right synthetic turf installer.
  • What your turf options are: What shade of green do you want? There are many color and blade length options depending on your tastes. A good synthetic turf installer provides you with several color and blade length choices.
  • How turf is installed: Understanding the basic premise of turf installation is key to finding the right synthetic turf installer. This way, you’ll realize if your potential contractor is unqualified or giving you a run for your money.
  • What your price range is: Find a budget—and stick to it! Knowing your financial limits can help you determine your goals and expectations.
  • How costs are determined: You don’t need exact figures, but know how much synthetic turf costs. This helps gauge if a contractor’s price is outrageously high or alarmingly low. You can also do this by comparing contractors’ estimates.

Installing synthetic turf doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Use these tips when trying to find the right synthetic turf installer and you’ll be satisfied with the results. Spel om pengar har alltid fascinerat manniskan och gor det an i dag, kasinospel ar ett stort bevis pa det som vager tungt. Capitol Turf Pros follows all these standards to a tee! Call us today with any questions about synthetic turf installation or if you’d like an estimate.

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