Artificial Turf for Hotels and Motels in Kensington, Maryland

Do you own a hotel or motel in Kensington, Maryland ? Then you should consider installing synthetic turf! Artificial turf is an option that is rapidly growing in popularity for the hospitality industry, and it’s easy to see why! Who wouldn’t want to improve their facilities while adding extra amenities for visitors? Plus, our turf will improve sanitation and reduce landscaping costs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our synthetic turf for hotels and motels, contact Capitol Turf Pros today for more information!

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for the Hospitality Industry

How much do you spend every summer keeping the grass around your hotel or motel appealingly green? The answer is probably “too much!” When you install our synthetic turf, not only can it cut down on the cost of landscaping and upkeep by a significant margin, but it offers the option to install visitor-pleasing attractions without dramatically increasing your overhead. Don’t stress about your grass getting brown and prickly during the hot summers or cold winters, just install our convenient and safe artificial turf instead! Our turf is:

  • Comfortable. Our turf has a special heat block, so it will stay cooler than other surfaces in the sun.
  • Durable. Our turf is a long-term investment. When you install our synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about wear-and-tear for about 15 – 20 years.
  • Low-maintenance. Not only will our turf create an attractive, safe environment for your hotel, but it’s also extremely low-maintenance. When you install our turf, you’ll never have to worry about watering, mowing, trimming, or fertilizing.
  • Sanitary. Perhaps most importantly, our turf has an antimicrobial surface that prevents bacteria buildup.
  • Water-resistant. Artificial turf is moisture-resistant and dries extremely quickly after it rains, meaning no puddles or mud patches.

How You Can Improve Your Kensington, Maryland Hotel or Motel with Artificial Turf

One of the best things about installing artificial turf at your hotel or motel is how much it can improve the space. With artificial turf you can install:

  • Putting greens. This is perfect for getting the summer golf crowd to your hotel! Having a feature like this will really set your hotel apart from your competitors. Capitol Turf Pros specializes in installing putting greens, so you know you’ll get a high-quality installation.
  • Dog areas. Does your hotel or motel allow pets? If so, our artificial turf makes for a great dog area. Earn the business of pet lovers without sacrificing sanitation by installing our artificial turf!
  • Rooftop lounges. Our turf can provide a perfect surface for a rooftop lounge. If you have an accessible roof that isn’t getting used properly, our turf can help transform that place to a centerpiece attraction for your hotel.
  • Pool decks. Since our turf stays cool and soft no matter the outdoor temperature, it makes a perfect pool deck surface. Our turf drains extremely well, making it both safe and effective deck material.

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To learn more about our synthetic turf installation, contact Capitol Turf Pros. With our highly trained installation staff, we can transform your Kensington, Maryland hotel or motel to a feature-packed place with improved sanitation, all while reducing landscaping costs. Call today!

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