Artificial Grass: How Is It Made?

Posted on: June 19, 2015

Artificial turf is a fantastic alternative to natural landscaping, providing a realistic, soft and safe method of covering ground for a variety of situations. You see our turf on lawns, golf courses, pet housing and a myriad of other locations. But how is this awesome product made? You may be surprised at the detail and care that goes into the process.

Capitol Turf Pros use polypropylene turf, one of the best known materials alongside nylon. To install your own backyard putting green, pet area, or any other artificial turf area, contact us today!

How Polypropylene Turf is Made

The top of your artificial turf, the part that looks like grass, is created in much the same way as carpeting, using ‘tufting’ techniques to create a distinct lifelike product that is both safe and pleasant to the touch.

  • The base materials are loaded into a hopper, as well as the dyes needed to give the turf its characteristic healthy green color. A chemical that aids in fending off UV radiation (sunlight) is added as well, to further improve resistance to degradation.
  • The products are blended in the hopper, and then fed into a mixer. The process resembles pulling taffy at this point. 
  • The resulting “taffy” is fed to an extruder that pulls the product into manageable thin strand.
  • These strands are then pulled and woven into ‘ropes’ according to the type of polypropylene thread desired. Monofilament is harder, and built to last, while polyethylene is softer, but weaker.
  • The resulting rope or yarn is then brought to a tufting machine, which is basically a huge network of needles that will weave the polypropylene into small loops. In the end, this will resemble what you know of as artificial turf.
  • The resulting turf is then run under a dispenser that will coat the bottom and top of the backing in latex; this will then be cured under lamps to seal.
  • The final step is an inspection to ensure all flyaway bits are removed, and the finished product is then rolled and shipped.

The Result

In the end you get a product that is cost effective, clean and natural-looking. Polypropylene is exceptionally safe, due to its soft fibers and the impact-resistant sand fill we use in our artificial turf. Why do we use Polypropylene? It is unmatched in versatility and cost effectiveness, giving you the most for any home or commercial project.

Synthetic Turf from Capitol Turf Pros

At Capitol Turf Pros we want to offer our consumers the absolute best artificial turf we can provide. For this reason, we choose polypropylene turf for our projects. For the best in the business in the Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia areas, contact Capitol Turf Pros today and speak with one of our experts.

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