Improve Your Golf Game with a Backyard Putting Green

Posted on: February 18, 2015

Every golfer wants a golf course in the backyard, but owning a property in the Washington, DC metro area that overlooks a good golf course comes at an extravagantly steep price. However, it’s still possible for you to up your golf game without paying that extra $.2 million for a spot on the 9th hole. How? By installing a synthetic turf putting green or golf course in your back yard.

The East Potomac Golf course is a half-hour commute from McLean, VA, and Whiskey Creek Golf Club in Ijamsville, MD is a good 45-minute drive from downtown Washington, DC. Why drive all that way when you can up your game in your own back yard?

If you’re ready to up your game with an artificial putting green, contact the artificial turf experts at Capitol Turf Pros for installation in Washington, DC, and the surrounding Maryland and Virginia areas!

Impress Your Friends in the Washington, DC area with Your Improved Short Game

Thanks to unpredictable DC weather, you can’t play golf year-round. Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you show up in the spring with an improved short game. Practicing regularly will always make you a better player, and by installing artificial turf, you don’t have to let the weather hold you back. If it starts raining, you can pop back inside for a quick cup of coffee instead of being stuck out on the course in an open golf cart. Most synthetic turf is quick-drying, so you’ll be able to play sooner after the rain than if you had a grass green.

Installing a synthetic turf putting green in the backyard is a trick many pro golfers take seriously, even installing full turf golf courses on their property. Short-game guru Dave Pelz keeps his skills sharp with his private backyard golfing course, as do Tiger Woods and countless other pros.

You Can Custom Design Your Backyard Putting Green

There will inevitably be that one hole on your local Maryland or Virginia golf course that you hate. Maybe it’s two holes. Maybe it’s the whole course. An advantage of installing a synthetic turf putting green in your backyard is that you can design it however you want. Dave Pelz has one of his holes modeled after the 12th hole at Augusta National. Do you want a replica of the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass? You can have it.

You Can Practice at Your Washington, DC Home Whenever You Want

Have you ever had those sleepless nights where you toss and turn but your brain won’t shut off? Having your own personal backyard putting green will give you access to your stress reliever any time, day or night. The next time you’re having a sleepless night, just grab your putter and let your mind go.

Speaking of letting your mind go—with your own personal putting green in the backyard you can really focus on improving technique and golfing fundamentals. Unless you’re a solo golfer, heading out to Leesburg, Virginia, to play on the Raspberry Falls Golf & Hunt Club course with a few friends is a great way to spend a Saturday, but it doesn’t give you time to focus on what you’re doing and really concentrate on improving your strokes.

If you’ve never thought of installing a synthetic turf putting green or a few golf holes in your backyard, you should really consider it. Not only will installing a personal green improve your golf skills, it will add beauty and elegance to your yard. Don’t think you can afford it? Capitol Turf Pros offers financing, and it may save you money in the long run if you count up all those membership fees at local courses. If you’re in the Washington, DC area and ready to improve your game with a backyard putting green, contact the experts at Capitol Turf Pros in the Washington, DC area!

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