Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Playground with Artificial Turf

When it comes to the comfort and safety of children on the playground, whether at a park, school, or on a residential play structure, only the finest quality materials and expert installation will do. Equally as important as the integrity of the playground equipment itself is the surface beneath it, commonly composed of materials such as pea gravel, wood chips, playground mulch, sand, or rubber. While these types of playground flooring each provides a certain degree of cushioning in the event of a fall, there are a number of concerns with each regarding cleanliness, environmental sustainability, health, and safety.

Synthetic playground turf by Capitol Turf Pros is a great alternative to traditional surfacing, which can help transform your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, playground into an outdoor oasis that looks as good as it feels. As the Montgomery County area’s leading synthetic turf installer, we have installed our safe, durable, cost-effective playground turf in a number of local community playgrounds and schools with great success.

Are you ready to make the switch to synthetic playground turf? Call Capitol Turf Pros today at (240) 454-3794 to learn more or contact us online to schedule a consultation for your school or day care center! 

What Is Synthetic Turf?

Capitol Turf Pros synthetic turf is manufactured in the USA and made from polypropylene fibers which are sewn in thin layers onto a rubberized mat. We use Envirofill sand to fill our turf, which is specially coated with an anti-microbial to prevent the growth of bacteria while eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction to grass, making it more sanitary and comfortable than other types of playground flooring. This material mimics the look and feel of real grass—without the maintenance—and stays cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Turf for Playgrounds?

Safety is the number one concern when designing and installing playground equipment and flooring. Capitol Turf Pros synthetic turf is specifically designed for this type of application—in compliance with CPSC guidelines—and certified for up to a 12-foot critical head fall.

In addition to the installation of synthetic turf directly beneath structural elements, this safe, durable, low-maintenance material is suitable for use throughout the entire playground area. Children and adults alike will benefit from having a soft, smooth, sanitary material below their feet in adjoining areas used for games, picnics, seating, or sports. Because the backing material on our turf is fully permeable, it dries much faster than grass, wood chips, or mulch, eliminating time spent waiting for the weather to clear so that children can return to the outdoors.

Synthetic Playground Turf Installation in MD, DC & VA

Synthetic Turf for Playgrounds

The team of professionals at Capitol Turf Pros is dedicated to providing quality products and services to our customers throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. If you’re looking for a safe, durable, low-maintenance flooring material for your school or day care playground, look no further—our synthetic playground turf keeps children safer, cleaner, and happier than traditional playground surfaces. Our experienced turf installers are the best in the business to guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish.

Call Capitol Turf Pros in Montgomery County at (240) 454-3794 or contact us online to learn more about synthetic playground turf and schedule a consultation today! 



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