Synthetic Turf for Preschools in Kensington, Maryland

Maintaining a safe and soft play area is essential to running a successful preschool. For your outdoor areas, no surface combines safety, cleanliness, and comfort like Capitol Turf Pros’ synthetic turf. Unlike grass, our artificial turf doesn’t need to be maintained and won’t create mud after rain. As a matter of fact, our turf has an integrated draining system that helps it dry incredibly quickly.

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Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Your Kensington, Maryland Preschool

When you install artificial turf at your preschool, you’re guaranteed to have a surface that is:

· Comfortable. Our turf has a special heat block, so it will stay cooler than other surfaces in the sun. Also, with its soft, carpet-like feel, children get hurt when running around and playing.

· Durable. Our turf is a long-term investment. When you install our synthetic grass, you won’t have to worry about wear-and-tear for about 15 — 20 years.

· Low-maintenance. Not only will our turf create an attractive, safe environment for your preschool, but it’s also extremely low-maintenance. When you install artificial turf, you’ll never have to worry about watering, mowing, trimming, or fertilizing.

· Sanitary. Perhaps most importantly, our turf has an antimicrobial surface that prevents bacteria buildup. Who doesn’t want to be at ease about sanitation while the kids are at play?

· Water-resistant. Artificial turf is moisture-resistant and dries extremely quickly after it rains, meaning no puddles or mud patches. Plus, since our turf dries so quickly, on rainy days you can get the kids outside much faster without having to worry about a mess, like you would with real grass.

Preschool Turf Installation in Kensington, Maryland

If you’re in the Kensington, Maryland area and are interested in installing turf for your preschool area—either indoors or out—contact Capitol Turf Pros today.

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