The History of Putting Greens: From the Houston Astrodome to Capitol Turf Pros

Posted on: October 18, 2013

Although putting green installation is considered a relatively easy process today, it wasn’t always like this. Today, putting greens and artificial turf seem like a simple addition to any backyard, park or playground. We should realize, however, that artificial and synthetic turf actually has a short history with an accelerated development rate. Looking back on how synthetic turf has developed helps us better understand modern innovations, and how far this industry has come!

Turf Installation in the 1960s

Artificial turf installation first began in 1965, when the Astrodome in Houston, Texas needed an alternative to grass that would function in an indoor space. The dome was indoors, and despite efforts for a glass ceiling to let natural light in, baseball players would often complain how the sun and glare from the panels affected their athletic performance. As a result, scientists eventually developed a synthetic grass, which they rightfully named Astroturf. The turf was the first of its kind and was made out of nylon fibers. Astroturf was first installed in the Astrodome in 1966.

Turf Installation in the 1970s

Because artificial turf was The small company – its market price is all about $12 million – makes electronic poker tables, and it is growing into other electronic table mobile.the-best-casinos-online.info/games.php (most particularly baccarat). so successful in the United States, during the 1970s many European nations also tried putting it in their soccer and other indoor sports stadiums. Instead of nylon fibers, the Europeans opted for another synthetic material called polypropylene, which was cheaper and even more comfortable. On this new turf, players were less likely to get injured, and overall, it was a great improvement!

Further Turf Inventions

As the 1970s continued, more changes and improvements were made in turf installation. And as these changes were made, more sports teams started using synthetic turf in their fields. During this era, synthetic turf worked best with sports that use smaller balls, like baseball, hockey and golf. This explains why putting green installation is so popular!

Sports involving larger balls like soccer and football, however, hesitated to make the transition from natural grass to artificial turf. Not only is the ball harder to control on synthetic turf, but players are more likely to get injured. Thus, many industries were still reluctant to install turf in their stadiums or fields.

The Latest Turf Inventions

The latest reforms in synthetic turf and turf installation have occurred through the incorporation of the substance polyethylene. This substance makes the artificial fibers even softer and allows athletes more control of their coordination in sports like soccer and football. This advancement made turf installation an optimal choice for many soccer fields. In fact, many indoor soccer facilities today use artificial turf!

Synthetic turf installation has come a long way since artificial turf was first invented! It’s amazing to see how the artificial turf installation process has changed so dramatically over the course of several decades, not to mention how it’s impacted soccer, football, golf, and other sports and applications. When considering putting green installation or artificial turf installation for another application, think about how far the industry has come, as well as future advancements the industry will make! Contact Capitol Turf Pros with any questions regarding synthetic turf installation!

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