Nylon or Polyethylene for Indoor Sports? The Top Five Reasons You Should Always Go Polyethylene

Posted on: July 14, 2015

Artificial field turf has seen more and more use in indoor sports in the last decade. Massive jumps in technology have made it safer, easier and more cost effective than natural grass. And among all of the artificial turfs, Polyethylene turf is king. Why?

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The Five Reasons You Want Polyethylene Turf for Your Indoor Sports

We could talk all day about the benefits of using this artificial turf, but for indoor sports and activities, there are five huge primary perks:

  • Safety. The absolute number one goal of any sport (other than fun, of course) is safety. As opposed to other artificial turf materials, polyethylene is much softer, and create less friction. Ever seen turf-burns? They can look really nasty, but they aren’t a problem with polyethylene indoor turf!
  • No lead worries. Artificial turf has gone through extensive testing regarding lead content, and unfortunately some materials showed excessive amounts of the detrimental mineral. This is not the case with polyethylene indoor turf!
  • Durability. When it comes to withstanding the rigors of sports; the stomping, throwing, running and kicking, polyethylene turf is the most durable of all materials. Its fibers (blades of grass) are exceptionally resistant to damage and bending, ensuring your turf will maintain its peak performance for years to come.
  • Maintenance. Polyethylene indoor turf has a great record for being low-maintenance, requiring little in the way of upkeep, and rarely if ever needing replacements or repairs. As an added benefit, polyethylene turf is extremely easy to clean, making short work of upkeep.
  • Natural appeal. Of all of the indoor turf materials, polyethylene turf looks the most life-like. This means you get all of the beauty of a natural field, with all of the added benefits poly turf brings.

The Downsides of Using Other Materials for Your Indoor Sports Turf

Turf created from materials other than polyethylene come with some highly frustrating, if not outright dangerous downsides:

  • Too hot to handle. Cheaper materials retain excessive heat, and can actually get too hot to withstand. This can make it uncomfortable to play on at best, and completely impossible at worst.  
  • Weak. Lesser materials can break, bend and fold up, meaning you pay double, triple or even ten times what it cost to install it.
  • Toxic water. The lead, arsenic and other chemicals that can be present in artificial turf materials can lead to toxic standing water after rainfall.

The Clear Choice for Indoor Turf Fields in Maryland

The professionals at Capitol Turf Pros choose polyethylene. We make it our goal to bring our consumers the absolute best we can provide, both in service and products. When you need turf for your commercial project, contact our experts!

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