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A flat roof can increase the usable square footage of your business, whether you opt to use it as a recreational area for employees or as rooftop seating for your bar or restaurant. Along with the advantages of this extra space come a number of challenges, including maintenance, comfort, and return on investment!

Artificial turf is a great addition to any flat roof, and it has a number of benefits that you can’t afford to be without. Who would have ever thought synthetic turf could be popular for rooftops or balconies? At Four Seasons Capitol Turf Pros, we know! This popular option allows others to enjoy their spaces in a whole new way.

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Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on Rooftops & Balconies

rooftop artificial turfThinking about sprucing up your rooftop or balcony into a nice entertaining space or a place for your pet to roam? We’ve listed some of the popular benefits of installing artificial turf below!

Drainage – Over time, the surface of your flat roof can develop multiple low spots where water may pool and cause damage. As part of our installation process, your flat roof is leveled and supported to create an even surface for application and superior drainage.

Aesthetics – Enhance the look of your rooftop with a customized synthetic turf installation in your choice of color, length, and texture.

Cost Savings – Our turf is constructed of an environmentally friendly polypropylene material that will last for decades. It provides a layer of protection between your roof and the elements, including storm activity or high winds, and insulation to reduce heat transfer, which increases the overall energy efficiency of your building.

Low-Maintenance Care – A traditional flat roof requires consistent maintenance and periodic repairs from damage caused by weather, UV rays, or storm activity. Synthetic turf requires virtually no maintenance and is highly durable to resist environmental and physical damage.

Snow & Ice Buildup Prevention –As snow accumulates, melts, and refreezes on a flat roof surface, it forms thick, heavy layers of ice that can damage the roof and cause leakage. When snow accumulates on a synthetic turf roof, the heat rising through the roof melts the bottom layer and drains it away, preventing it from refreezing.

Why Choose Capitol Turf Pros?

Artificial turf installations from Capitol Turf Pros are a great investment for any residential or commercial application as a viable alternative to surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or green lawn. Our synthetic turf has a number of significant advantages when compared to products sold and installed by our competitors, including:

  • Static Reduction – Our turf is formulated using innovative technology that reduces static electricity on the surface of the turf, increasing comfort and safety.
  • Natural Look – Because our turf is less reflective, it mimics the look of natural grass more closely than other products.
  • Superior Backing – Our backing is moisture-resistant, permeable, and recyclable.
  • Antimicrobial – The antimicrobial properties of our turf make it resistant to bacteria for a safe, clean rooftop environment.
  • Stays Cool – Heat blocking technology keeps our turf cool and comfortable, lowering the rate of heat absorption by over 15 degrees.

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rooftop artificial turfThe team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals at Capitol Turf Pros installs only the highest quality products to maximize your investment and satisfaction. Our synthetic turf is made right here in the USA and is perfect for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications. From the planning stages to the final installation, Capitol Turf Pros will work closely with you to guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Call us today at 240-454-3794 to learn more about flat roof turf installation, or contact us online and let us know how we can help! 

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