Is Synthetic Turf Soft?

You might remember when synthetic turf first hit the market—it was rough, rigid and would even lead to what many athletes called “astro-burn.” Ouch! Sounds painful, right? But gone are the days of turf that hurts if you fall on it. Synthetic turf is softer than ever!  And at Capitol Turf Pros, we’re proud to say we have some of the softest synthetic turf in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Soft Synthetic Turf Feels Better

Artificial turf has gotten a bad rap for feeling coarse. But over time, manufacturers have gotten closer to making turf feel like real grass—in fact, even softer than real grass! Whether you opt for artificial turf in your playground, pet area, or backyard putting greens, artificial turf makes all your outdoor activities more enjoyable. So lose the shoes, enjoy the soft synthetic turf between your toes and remember—artificial turf is maintenance free! There’s no need to worry about tracking dirt when you go back inside.

Soft Synthetic Turf is Safer

While soft synthetic turf feels better, did you know it’s actually safer for you too? Any physical activity you enjoy on grass will benefit from soft synthetic turf:

  • Less joint problems- Because synthetic turf is softer, it gives more and is much easier on your joints. So if you enjoy using your softer synthetic turf for playing golf on the weekends, you’re actually doing your knees a favor!
  • Fewer major joint damages- Doctors and physical therapists agree that fewer major joint damages such as ACL injuries and acute sprains occur on soft synthetic turf. This also applies to pets, giving you even more reason to invest in synthetic turf for your pet area.
  • Fewer cranial injuries & concussions- Thinking about using synthetic turf for your children’s playground? Softer synthetic turf can lead to fewer cranial injuries and concussions from falls. Because soft synthetic turf has more give to it, it cushions and cradles the head during a fall. No longer will you worry about your child swinging on those monkey bars—soft synthetic turf can mitigate many head injuries!

Soft synthetic turf feels better, has less maintenance, and is even safer for you. What’s not the love?! If you have more questions about soft synthetic turf in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC give Capitol Turf Pros a call.

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