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If your backyard is one of your favorite spaces to hang out with your family or entertain guests, you may want to install an artificial turf lawn. Why? It takes a lot of work (and money!) to keep a lawn looking good year-round in Maryland, but with installed turf, you can save all that energy for relaxation and enjoyment!

If you want a lawn that will stay looking beautiful no matter the season, Capitol Turf Pros can make it happen!

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What Can You Do With Synthetic Yard Turf?

When you install synthetic turf in your yard, you can easily landscape your yard to accommodate different landscape designs.

Some popular options include:

Backyard Putting Green Turf – If you’ve ever wanted a place in your backyard to practice your short game, our backyard putting greens are perfect for you! Unlike with regular grass, if you choose our turf, you won’t have to worry about the rigorous upkeep required to keep your putting green well-maintained.

Under-Deck Area Turf – If you have an area under your deck that you’re not taking advantage of, our synthetic turf can be used to create an additional comfortable, vibrant green area of your yard. Don’t just ignore potentially great real estate in your yard; install a seating area, hot tub area, or dining area under your deck with our turf!

Pet Area Turf – If you want an area for your pet that is sanitary, look no further than your turf! Not only is our turf safe and sanitary, but you’ll never have to worry about your pet tracking mud or dirt into your home!

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Benefits of a Synthetic Turf Lawn

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With synthetic turf, your lawn can stay green and vibrant all year round—but our turf’s benefits extend far beyond just the color!

Artificial yard turf:

Is Low-Maintenance – It doesn’t take a lot to keep your yard looking good with synthetic turf. Your lawn turf doesn’t need to be mowed, trimmed, watered, or fertilized. Doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Isn’t Messy – If you’re tired of wiping muddy paw and shoe prints out of the carpet, then our synthetic turf is the perfect choice for you. Unlike grass, synthetic turf doesn’t get muddy and create a mess when it’s time for the kids and dog to come inside.

Is Environmentally Friendly – Synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered, and it doesn’t require fertilizing or mowing, which can produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Lasts Decades – One of the best things about synthetic turf is its durability. It looks great for years, no matter how many times it gets rained or snowed on! You can reasonably expect 10 – 15 years out of your artificial turf, but often, our turf’s lifespan extends well beyond that.

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