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Learn More About the Advantages of Our Anti-microbial Turf

Are you looking to install turf for your home or business? Consider how anti-microbial turf can benefit you with its cleanliness and safety.

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About Us Are You Considering Installing Artificial Turf for Your Home?

If you are considering artificial grass for your property, understand that synthetic turf offers a viable alternative to natural grass for yards and gardens. Modern artificial grass technology has advanced tremendously in terms of realism and durability in recent years. Properly installed by experienced professionals, today's synthetic turf looks and feels real. As you weigh replacing your natural grass, recognize synthetic varieties provide an attractive option.

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    What is Artificial Turf?

    Artificial turf consists of a surface made from synthetic fibers, which designers engineer to mimic natural grass's aesthetic qualities and feel. Stadiums and arenas initially utilized these artificial playing surfaces. Artificial turf is popular in residential settings today due to its minimal maintenance requirements and durable year-round green color.

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    Factors to Consider Before Installation

    You should carefully consider important factors before you install artificial turf. While synthetic turf needs substantially less maintenance than standard lawns, it requires some reasonable cleaning to maintain visual appeal. Also, analyze whether the initial cost of professionally installing fake grass makes solid economic sense for your home, given anticipated savings on reduced long-term upkeep.

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Advantages Understanding Our Anti-Microbial Turf Benefits

We infuse our artificial turf products with an antimicrobial agent to prevent bacterial growth. This makes our turf more sanitary and hygienic than alternatives, especially in high-traffic areas exposed to heavy usage. Our antimicrobial turf maintains cleanliness and visual appeal over an extended lifetime by inhibiting the spread of germs, mold, and bacteria. This specialized turf offers several advantages over standard grass or turf:

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    Long-Lasting Cleanliness

    The anti-microbial treatment helps prevent the odors, mold growth, stains, and bacterial spread that can occur over time with standard turf. This specialized treatment inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, allowing the turf to maintain cleanliness, freshness, and visual appeal for many years without intensive maintenance.

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    Safety Around Children & Pets

    Anti-microbial turf deters germs and bacteria that could otherwise lead to illnesses, especially for kids and pets who spend lots of playtime in contact with grass. Its soft blades cushion any falls, making anti-microbial turf a safer surface for children at play than hard ground.

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    All-Weather Durability

    Infusing the turf backing with an antimicrobial agent ensures its bacteria-fighting effectiveness persists even after heavy storms or weather fluctuations. The hot sun amplifies the antimicrobial effects. Even in wet weather, anti-microbial turf resists mold growth or bacterial spread thanks to this durable treatment.

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    Long-Lasting Investment

    With proper installation and meticulous care, our anti-microbial turf actively boasts an exceptional lifespan of up to two decades. This innovative turf solution actively persists in maintaining its cleanliness, safety benefits, and vibrant color beautifully over this long period in all weather conditions without reapplication of treatments. Specifically designed to actively endure years of intensive use, our anti-microbial turf is an ideal yet durable solution that proactively delivers low-maintenance artificial grass.

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