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Are You Planning on Installing Artificial Grass on Your Training Field?

Check out Capitol Turf Pros' artificial grass for your training fields - it's a top choice! Our products are USA-made, ensuring their high quality and durability. We install and supply durable synthetic turfs in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. They can withstand any weather and stay game-ready.


About Artificial Turf Installations for Training Fields

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Forging a green, robust training ground has never required natural grass. Capitol Turf Pros' synthetic turf meets your needs precisely and is highly durable. We install artificial turf perfectly and quickly with a skilled team.

We prioritize your satisfaction and attend to every detail. We use a USA-made synthetic grass that looks natural and feels comfortable.

But installing artificial grass isn't just an aesthetic upgrade. It's an investment into your training field's future because our turf is made to last. It is resilient in all seasons, extreme weather, and high traffic.

Benefits of Installing Capitol Turf Pros' Artificial Grass

Revamping your training field with our artificial grass unlocks several benefits.

vet-clinics Increased Durability

Increased Durability

Our synthetic turf can withstand wear and tear with striking resilience. Durable option for high-usage fields. Green beam won't fade over time.

grass-cutter-machine-icon Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Capitol Turf Pros' artificial grass needs less maintenance than natural grass. It saves you time and money on mowing, watering, and fertilizing tasks.

ball-playground-icon Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Investing in our artificial grass means ultimately saving costs. Save money on upkeep with less maintenance and increased longevity for your pocket.

water-resistant-icon Eco-Friendly


You opt for a greener alternative by picking our artificial grass. No chemical infusions or excess water used, making it eco-friendly.

environmentally-friendly-icon Uniform Appearance

Uniform Appearance

Craving for consistency? Our synthetic turf provides a neat, uniform look throughout the year. Say goodbye to weather-worn patches and uneven growth.

customizable-icon Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Synthetic grass from Capitol Turf Pros is made to resist adverse weather conditions. Rain or shine, your training field will retain its lush, vibrant sheen.

convenient-icon Healthier Playing Ground

Healthier Playing Ground

On our artificial turf, there's no room for bugs, allergens, or harmful pesticides. It makes the playing ground healthier, protecting the well-being of users.

Learn more about backyard putting green installations in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. Give Capitol Turf Pros a call at 301-482-1126 to schedule an estimate or get more information.


FAQs About Installing Artificial Grass on Training Fields

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about installing a backyard putting green into your home. Here are some answers to some frequently asked ones:

Artificial grass from Capitol Turf Pros is completely safe. Its installation is performed meticulously to ensure a flat, even surface. It doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers, so it's chemical-free and safe.

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Why Choose Capitol Turf Pros for Training Field Artificial Grass Installation?

At Capitol Turf Pros, we promise quality, convenience, and commitment. Our artificial grass is USA-made, ensuring superior quality and durability. We handle each project professionally, making the installation process as seamless as possible. We tailor our services to meet your turf needs and expectations effectively. We provide value for your investment, setting us apart from others. Call us today to schedule your consultation.


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