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Learn More About the Advantages of Our Heat Resistant Turf

Our innovative heat-resistant synthetic turf remains vibrant even when temperatures exceed a scorching 200°F. Advanced cooling polymers dissipate heat, withstanding reflected sunlight from pavements. The grass fibers retain green hues all year without going dormant.

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About Us Are You Considering Installing Artificial Turf for Homes?

As you mull over artificial turf options for your landscape, seriously consider our extreme heat-resistant synthetic grass if dealing with blistering summers. Our engineers specifically design durable blades and cooling polymers within the turf to withstand scorching temperatures that ruin ordinary turf material. Even under the amplified heat radiation from pool decks or dark pavement, our innovative technology bounces back stronger while maintaining lush green beauty. The proprietary heat diffusion prevents blades from withering or fading during heatwaves well over 200°F. We build resilience into the turf structure through No Fade technology that blocks UV damage for lasting color and antimicrobials that deter pests targeting vulnerable hot grass.

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    About Our Temperature Resilient Turf

    Our synthetic turf leverages advanced polymers within the grass blades that diffuse concentrated heat far better than natural grass. Surface temperatures over 200°F will not compromise the vibrant dark green hues or lush blade integrity. The materials remain relatively cool to the touch compared to cheap providers.

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    Do you Want to Maximize Landscape Longevity in Hot Weather?

    When selecting artificial grass for hot regions, heat endurance is vital. Our Extreme turf ensures resilience despite recurring heat waves and intense sunlight reflection from surrounding hardscaping. The proprietary polymers prevent blades from becoming water stressed while the antimicrobials deter fungus and pests drawn to vulnerable hot grass.

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Advantages Understanding Our Heat-Resistance Turf Benefits

Our extreme heat-resistant turf leverages innovations like temperature regulation and No-Fade material to thrive under scorching sun year after year. Explore what sets our technologies apart.

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    Proprietary Polymers

    At the molecular level, our turf polymers contain unique arrangements and pore structures that enable superior thermal diffusion. Heat disperses rather than concentrating in the grass blades. This prevents structural damage to the turf even at sustained high temperatures from ambient air or reflected surfaces. The technology also resists conducting heat into the soil to protect the grassroots.

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    No-Fade Materials

    Ordinary turf polymers degrade under UV light, causing brown sun bleaching and faded green hues over time. Our No-Fade turf technology harnesses UV inhibitors and specialized pigments to block light damage. The barrier preserves rich emerald and olive-green tones despite endless sunlight exposure season after season to maintain an authentic, luxurious look.

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    Heat-stressed grass becomes vulnerable to pests, fungi, and bacteria, which can lead to unsightly dead patches. Built-in antimicrobial product protection creates a permanent shield deterring algae, fungi, and heat-loving insects from invading and damaging the turf. Powerful enough for hospitals, this technology keeps our grass resiliently healthy.

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    Moisture Binding

    Our synthetic grass blades harness hydrophilic compounds to pull ambient moisture from the air, retaining it in the turf. This enables the grass to stay vibrantly green and cool even in hot climates without energy-intensive irrigation. Automated moisture binding ensures grass resiliency.

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