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Are You Planning on Installing Special Inlays?

Capitol Turf Pros is not just another turf installation company. We are ambassadors of elegance and quality, breathing life into spaces one turf at a time. Choosing artificial grass for your home or business is a big decision. At Capitol Turf Pros, we customize our services to ensure you get the best results.


About Artificial Turf Installations as Special Inlays

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Artificial turf is for more than just outdoor sports fields. More homeowners and businesses in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia see its appeal. Synthetic turf can improve any space - patios, rooftops, retail outlets, and offices.

Capitol Turf Pros stands at the forefront of this ever-expanding market. We offer service and synthetic turf options to meet various needs and preferences. Our turf installs add value, conserve water, and reduce maintenance costs.

Artificial turf install has key steps: prep site apply infill material. Capitol Turf Pros picks the suitable turf, ensuring safety and functionality for you.

Maintaining artificial turf post-installation is a breeze. Regular brushing and cleaning are much more accessible than maintaining natural grass. Furthermore, safety is our priority. Our turf is safe, slip-resistant, and durable, perfect for any gathering or business.

Experience the Benefits of Capitol Turf Pros' Artificial Grass

vet-clinics Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetic Appeal

Enjoy our synthetic turf's greenery all year without the hassle of lawn care.

grass-cutter-machine-icon Customizable Solutions

Customizable Solutions

Capitol Turf Pros offers customized solutions for a tailored fit. Your unique needs drive our design and installation process.

ball-playground-icon Lower Maintenance

Lower Maintenance

Eradicate the need for mowing, weeding, or watering. Our artificial grass is designed for long-lasting perfection with minimal upkeep.

water-resistant-icon Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Eco-conscious? Our artificial turf helps conserve water, allowing you to contribute to the planet.

environmentally-friendly-icon Safety


Our turf is safe for play and gatherings, preventing slips and abrasions for all ages.

customizable-icon Increased Property Value

Increased Property Value

Improve your property's look with our synthetic turf installations. This will increase its value.

convenient-icon Long-Term Savings

Long-Term Savings

The initial cost may seem high, but our turf saves money in the long run on water and maintenance. It's a budget-friendly solution.

Learn more about backyard putting green installations in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas. Give Capitol Turf Pros a call at 301-482-1126 to schedule an estimate or get more information.


FAQsAbout Installing Special Inlays

Learn how to install artificial grass on inlays with these FAQs.

Artificial grass works on rooftops, patios, playgrounds, and more for versatility and aesthetics.

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Why Choose Capitol Turf Pros for Special Inlays and Artificial Grass Installation?

Capitol Turf Pros is a trusted provider of artificial grass for special inlays. We offer top-notch, eco-friendly synthetic turf made in the USA to meet your needs. With vast expertise in the field, our specialized team guarantees an immaculate installation process and premium customer service, all at competitive prices. We install the finest turf to give you a durable and low-maintenance space to cherish.

Ready to transform your space with Capitol Turf Pros' exceptional synthetic turf? Contact us today for a free quote.


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