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Learn More About the Advantages of Our Eco-Friendly Turf

Our synthetic turf solutions are designed for sustainability, featuring recycled plastic grass blades that conserve water, eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, capture and filter rainwater runoff, and reduce air pollution from lawn maintenance equipment. We engineer our products to benefit the planet.

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About Us Are You Considering Installing Artificial Turf in Your Home?

Our environmentally friendly artificial grass combines beauty and eco-consciousness by using recycled plastic, which conserves raw materials. We also build breakthrough water conservation technologies so you use less. And our innovative base layers even filter rainwater runoff from your lawn to protect watersheds. Go green without sacrificing a lush landscape.

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    The Sustainable Alternative to Natural Grass

    Our synthetic turf contains recycled polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, which saves landfill space. The recycled grass blades are UV-protected to resist fading and pest-resistant to eliminate chemical use. This achieves all the vibrant beauty of lush grass without wasted water, pesticides polluting watersheds, or fuel emissions from frequent mowing.

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    Support Environmental Stewardship with Eco-Turf

    Choosing our eco-friendly artificial turf supports sustainability through the notable use of recycled plastics, conserving hundreds of plastic bottles per lawn. The structure also saves water by eliminating irrigation needs. The permeable base layers actively capture and filter rainwater runoff to protect groundwater supplies from pollution.

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Advantages Understanding Our Eco-Friendly Turf’s Benefits

Our synthetic turf achieves more than just vibrant, low-maintenance landscapes. The thoughtful design provides real ecological advantages over natural grass.

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    Water Conservation Technology Saves Precious Resources

    Our innovative polyethylene grass blades aim to conserve water in several impactful ways. First, the blades do not require irrigation, saving dozens of gallons per yard per week compared to thirsty natural grass. Plus, unique hydro-binding technology pulls moisture from the air, keeping turf lush with no watering. At scale, eliminating irrigation needs saves millions of gallons per neighborhood yearly. Our breakthrough technology conserves this precious resource.

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    Eliminating Harmful Chemicals for Healthier Watersheds

    We infuse our turf products with antimicrobial product protection to create a natural barrier that deters pests and fungi with no pesticides. Special UV inhibitors also resist fading, so no fertilizer applications are needed either. By eliminating these chemicals, our turf prevents toxic runoff of nitrates, phosphates, and pesticides into streams or groundwater that pollute watersheds. Wildlife and pets can enjoy cleaner and healthier water sources.

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    Filtering Runoff for Purity

    Our turf base layers work together to filter rainwater falling on your lawn. The permeable backing allows fluid motion while the engineered stone foundation captures particulates. This filtration process leaves runoff significantly cleaner than soil beds, with petroleum products, heavy metals, and other pollutants removed before recharging groundwater supplies. Less contaminants entering the ecosystem keeps local lakes, rivers, and wetlands healthier.

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    Slashing Emissions for Cleaner Neighborhood Air

    Choosing our synthetic turf significantly reduces carbon emissions from small-engine lawn equipment in your community. Without the need for weekly mowing, fertilizer spraying, or landscape equipment hauling supplies, your lawn maintenance now preserves air quality. Lower emissions mean cleaner air for pets, children, and those susceptible to pollution. The reduction saves many pounds of greenhouse gases per lawn yearly, helping fight global climate change.

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