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Artificial Grass for Dogs in Maryland, DC & Northern Virginia

Artificial Grass for Dogs in MD Whether you live in a town home or a sprawling estate, keeping your dog from tearing up your yard can be difficult! And, if you have an apartment or condo, you know what a pain it is to take your pup down the elevator and across the street to go. The answer to both problems is professionally installed artificial grass for dogs in Rockville, MD or the surrounding areas! By installing a pet area from Capitol Turf Pros, you can get the look of real grass with the minimal upkeep of synthetic turf. Our synthetic turf grass for dogs is quick-draining, easily cleaned with a hose, and incredibly durable—durable enough to combat digging, romping, and other dog habits.

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Adding pet turf to your Washington, DC home can make your life so much easier. Brown spots in the grass are a thing of the past! Call or contact Capitol Turf Pros today.

About Our Pet Area Turf Installation Services

Thinking about adding pet turf to your North Potomac home? Pet turf or artificial grass is a great alternative for those who don’t have private yards or have to walk their pet away from their home to go potty. Our pet area turf is perfect for small spaces as well, including:
  • Apartment balconies
  • Condo terraces
  • Town home yards
  • Rowhouse lawns
  • Communal areas for apartment complexes
  • Rooftops
  • And more!
Artificial grass for dogs in the Rockville, MD area is a great option! It can help you keep accidents in your home to a minimum and save the grass in your yard. No one likes looking out in the yard and seeing holes or dead grass from your dog. And, as a business, adding pet turf at your Washington, DC properties can keep your landscaping needs to a minimum and will mean any prospective renters will be impressed with your green landscape and ability to have pets there! It might seem silly to get your dog turf in the North Potomac area, but seeing your immaculate yard might just change your mind! Call 240-454-3794 or contact us online to get an estimate for adding pet turf to your Washington, DC area property!

Pet Area Turf Installation for Homes & Businesses in Montgomery County

Artificial Grass Installation for Dogs in DC Pet turf in Washington, DC and the surrounding areas can be installed anywhere. Not only is location not a problem, but there are plenty more benefits to adding artificial grass for your dogs in the Rockville area. Our pet turf offers a wide variety of benefits, including:
  • Little maintenance required –  Our high-quality polypropylene turf is extremely easy to clean. Picking up after your dog or pet will be hassle-free.
  • Resistance to moisture –  Our synthetic turf drains rapidly after a rainstorm, leaving no mud or puddles. This allows your dog to run around and play without getting dirty (or tracking muddy paw prints into your house!).
  • Safety and cleanliness – The synthetic turf we install is chemical-free and has an anti-microbial surface to prevent bacteria growth without harming you or your pet.
  • Eco-friendly characteristics –  With artificial turf, there’s no need for watering or fertilizing, making it an environmentally friendly solution for your yard or pet care center.
  • Durability –  Capitol Turf Pros installs one of the highest quality synthetic turf products on the market. Our sand-filled, polypropylene turf will look good for years, even after a lot of wear and tear.
  • Versatility –  You can find our fake grass for dogs in a number of varieties, colors, and textures to make sure it blends in with the rest of your lawn!
No matter what kind of pet you have or how big your yard is, synthetic turf can be extremely beneficial. Pet care can be difficult, but with our artificial turf, it’s simpler than ever. You’ll have a healthy environment your pet can enjoy and the complete peace of mind that your space will remain in pristine condition. No more dealing with torn-up lawns and muddy messes!

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Ready to get started with your dog turf installation in the North Potomac area? Contact Capitol Turf Pros today to see the benefits of pet turf in the Washington, DC area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our synthetic turf is the ideal solution for pets in areas where traditional grass is not readily available, or you prefer to have a dedicated pet area to make cleanup a breeze and prevent holes or areas of dead grass on your lawn. Our pet turf is exceptionally durable and stands up to both solid and liquid pet waste. Synthetic turf landscaping can be customized for pet areas to maximize drainage and absorption, eliminate odors, and retain its color and shape, and it won’t fade or flatten with use
Synthetic turf drains efficiently after it rains, leaving behind no mud or puddles for your pet to get into. In addition to a cleaner landscape, pets will track less mud and water into your home after exploring or doing their business. As with natural grass, you should pick up solid waste in a timely manner to reduce odors and prevent it from becoming moldy, and once it has been removed, simply hose off the area to remove any residual material. Pet urine passes easily through the artificial turf, which drains easily, dries quickly, and is durable enough to withstand years of use and abuse from pets and people.
Our sand-filled, chemical-free polypropylene turf is non-toxic, with anti-microbial properties to prevent the growth of bacteria. Latex artificial turf is absorbent and can create toxic ammonia pockets that are harmful to your pets and the environment, while polypropylene-backed turf from Capitol Turf Pros is non-absorbent, allowing liquid waste and water to pass through easily and efficiently. If your dog likes to dig, romp, or roll in the artificial turf, you can rest easy knowing there will be no transfer of harmful chemicals or byproducts onto your pet. Our high-quality turf is made from the finest materials and has a soft, carpet-like feel that is non-abrasive and gentle on paws. Heat-blocking material keeps our turf cool and can reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by up to 15 degrees, making it one of the safest, most comfortable artificial turf products on the market today.

Install Artificial Grass for Your Dog in MD, DC, or VA

If you live in the Montgomery County or Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Capitol Turf Pros can design and install fake grass for your pet. You’d be amazed at how realistic it is (check out our gallery if you’re still not convinced) and at the difference fake grass can make at your home!

We Provide Services Throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Pet Turf In Virginia, we serve Alexandria, Arlington, and Woodbine. In Maryland, we serve Bethesda, Columbia, Damascus, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Montgomery Village, North Bethesda, North Potomac, Olney, Potomac, Rockville, and Silver Spring. We also serve Washington, DC!

Call Capitol Turf Pros at 240-454-3794 or contact us online today to learn more about our synthetic pet turf installation services or if you’re ready for a consultation!

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