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Unique OutdoorSynthetic Turf for Roofs

Artificial turf is an amazing addition to your flat roof, especially if you live in the city. If your home has a flat roof with a garden or sitting area you use, or you want to spruce up the flat roof at your place of business, synthetic turf can do the trick. It is durable and low-maintenance and provides a more unique aesthetic than regular decking tile or concrete.

If you live in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia and want to install synthetic roof turf, Capitol Turf Pros can help.


Custom Court Design ProcessBenefits of Artificial Grass for Your Roof

The VersaCourt custom court design process is incredibly simple and customer-centric. First, our team will provide a full site evaluation of your outdoor space, allowing us to develop a truly personalized solution based on your unique space requirements. From there, we’ll develop a digital representation of our design plans, integrating as many surfacing and recreational amenities as your individual vision allows.

Once you’ve finalized your custom design, the fun begins: We’ll build the final product, carefully painting game lines, logos, & designs by hand. When completed, we’ll ship your court system directly to your build site for hassle-free setup. Don’t think it could be that simple? Find out how easy it truly is to create the outdoor experience of your dreams by choosing VersaCourt custom court design with Capitol Turf Pros.


Outdoor RecreationVersacourt Custom Court Designs And Options

It doesn’t matter whether you have a garden on your flat roof and want to spruce it up or have a sitting area you want to add deck turf to—with artificial turf, your flat roof can look great for years. But the aesthetic value isn’t the only benefit you can enjoy! Turf installed by Capitol Turf Pros is:

Low-maintenance: It doesn’t take a whole lot to keep your artificial grass for your roof looking good. It doesn’t need to be trimmed, cut, watered, or fertilized—and it will stay looking great for many years.

Durable: One of the greatest things about an artificial grass roof is that it lasts a long time—your roof turf will remain looking great for years. In fact, our turf can last for 25 years! It is resistant to fading and moisture (which is convenient when it rains, especially if you have a dog who will track muddy paw prints through the house).

Environmentally friendly: Synthetic turf for your roof doesn’t need to be watered and doesn’t require fertilizing or mowing, which can produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Safe: Synthetic turf is hypoallergenic and non-abrasive.

Capitol Turf Pros For Versacourt Design

Synthetic Turf for Your Roof

If you want artificial grass for your roof in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Capitol Turf Pros is the company to call. We are licensed in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Contact us today to install synthetic turf for your flat roof!


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