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Artificial Turf for Townhomes in Montgomery County, MD

Do you live in a townhome in Montgomery County or Washington, DC? If so, you likely have a small backyard space. At Capitol Turf Pros, our artificial turf installers help transform small patios and backyards into beautifully renovated spaces that are enjoyable to look at and very easy to maintain.

Looking for artificial turf or commercial turf services for your townhome? Call Capitol Turf Pros at 240-454-3794 for service in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC.


Synthetic Grass Installation & Design ServicesWhy Choose Artificial Turf for Your Townhome?


Just because your townhome came with a concrete patio doesn’t mean you can’t have a lush, soft lawn! Modern artificial turf is practically unrecognizable compared to the fake grass of the past. We bet your friends won’t even notice the difference.

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for those who want:

  • A beautiful landscape that is low maintenance and great for entertaining
  • A designated area for their children to play (we install turf for playgrounds!)
  • A pet-friendly terrain using pet turf that is kind on paws and easy to clean

The experienced artificial turf installation team at Capitol Turf Pros will help improve your townhome’s yard with residential synthetic turf or commercial turf services, making your landscaping dreams a reality.

If you’d like to update your townhome yard with artificial turf, call Capitol Turf Pros for your synthetic turf needs. Contact us today or call 240-454-3794 to learn more about our artificial turf company in Maryland!

Synthetic Grass Installation & Design ServicesSynthetic Turf Installation for Washington, DC Metro Area Townhouses

Our polyethylene turf is tapered, precisely cut, and even comes in different lengths of grass blades. It’s an attractive, environmentally friendly, and durable alternative to standard grass. With our turf, you’ll never worry about brown spots or dead areas. You’ll always have a vibrant lawn that requires minimal maintenance. Here are a few landscaping ideas you can do with synthetic turf, along with a few benefits:

vet-clinics Pet areas

Pet areas

If you have a pet, installing synthetic turf provides them with a place of their own in your backyard. Artificial turf provides a happy and healthy outdoor spot for your pet, saving you the time it takes to walk them to a public area. Our turf is chemical-free and, unlike grass, requires no pesticides to keep it green and lush, ensuring a safe environment for your pet. Learn more about our pet area installation services.

grass-cutter-machine-icon Play areas

Play areas

Give your kids a comfortable, safe area to play with our soft synthetic turf. Our turf is durable enough to last for well over a decade but soft enough to provide a safe, fun play area for your children. Learn more about our playground turf services.

ball-playground-icon Backyard putting greens

Backyard putting greens

Maybe you don’t care about having a lush lawn behind your townhome but would much rather have your own backyard putting green! We will work with you to design a green that’s perfect for your use. Read more about our backyard putting greens.

Synthetic turf typically lasts for over 15 years, especially if it’s installed by one of our turf professionals. With our integrated drainage system, our turf can handle all types of weather, ensuring that it will last a long time.


Green InstallationArtificial Turf Installation for Townhomes in MD, VA & DC

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, or Montgomery County, Maryland, get in touch with Capitol Turf Pros today make your townhome landscaping dream a reality. To see what kind of services we offer, check out our portfolio of completed projects. If you have more questions about our turf, check out our FAQ page.

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