VersaCourt Installation in Montgomery County, MD

VersaCourt is one of the most versatile and dependable surfaces for outdoor and indoor sport courts, and it’s now carried by Capitol Turf Pros. These high-quality tiles are a great way to create a long-lasting, attractive athletic court for any area. Whether it’s basketball, shuffleboard, tennis, or more, Capitol Turf Pros is ready to install your new commercial or private court today. Don’t play on worn-down asphalt or concrete—put in VersaCourt and change your play area forever.

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What Is VersaCourt Made Of?

VersaCourt is made of an advanced polymer with a super grip surface for superior stability—even during rain. VersaCourt drains very well and dries quickly, meaning that it’s a great choice for outdoor courts. The tiles connect using an advanced interlocking snapping technique, which means it’s easy to put them together, but they won’t come apart while being used. VersaCourt comes in many colors, and because of the UV protection on the tiles, your court will look crisp and bright for years to come.

How Can I Use My VersaCourt?

VersaCourt is good for any type of court you can imagine—both indoor and out. Typically, basketball and tennis courts are the most popular uses of VersaCourt. Because of the flexible but sturdy surface, VersaCourt provides superior ball bounce and performance in comparison to surfaces like concrete and asphalt. And since the tiles are so durable, you can use VersaCourt for any area where you want a hard surface. VersaCourt is strong enough to be driven over and skateboarded on, so no matter what area you’re thinking about redesigning, VersaCourt is as good an option as any other surface.

Here are some ideas for areas to install VersaCourt:

Don’t think that VersaCourt is too hard to play on due to its durability. It has expansion joints and spring tabbing mechanisms for multi-directional flexibility. That means when you run and cut on VersaCourt, it gives just enough to relieve pressure on your joints and lower back.

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