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Is Artificial Turf Safe for Playgrounds?

Posted on: May 16, 2018

As anyone might expect, safety is the number one concern when it comes to constructing or implementing a playground area. One of the biggest areas of concern? The ground! The quest to find a proper cushion against falls and tripping—and one that is non-toxic—has been a long running one. We’re here today to tell you…

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3 Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is Eco-Friendly

Posted on: April 23, 2018

By now, most know that artificial turf has come a long way from the mess that it was a few decades back. Modern artificial turf is attractive, durable, and far and away easier to keep looking great. But in a culture that is constantly looking for safer, greener solutions that can help preserve our environment, how…

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Advantages of Artificial Turf for Athletic Fields

Posted on: March 13, 2018

It would be a considerable understatement to say that your athletic fields see some rough use. The constant strenuous action of sports means that your grass has to be well-maintained, well-groomed, and presentable at all times. But today, the experts at Capitol Turf Pros want to ask you a question: Is natural grass really your best…

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4 Reasons You Need to Install Artificial Turf this Spring

Posted on: February 12, 2018

It’s been a rough, cold winter. But we’ve nearly made it out! With the chill finally winding down, you’re probably thinking about getting your landscape squared away in the coming weeks. Before you start planning to lay out new sod, seeding, and struggling to sow and maintain your spring landscape, the experts at Capitol Turf…

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How to Maintain Artificial Turf in Rain or Snow

Posted on: January 5, 2018

There’s a lot to love about artificial turf: it’s attractive, easy to maintain, and—unlike grass—isn’t subject to changes depending on the weather or season. Artificial turf is an all-around resilient and low-maintenance way to keep your yard looking lush and green all year. If you’re an artificial turf owner or a prospective buyer, but you aren’t…

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Snow Removal Strategies for Artificial Turf Fields

Posted on: December 6, 2017

Winter is right on our heels—and for those of us in the cooler climates, that means snow is always a possibility. If you’re worried that snowy weather may spell trouble for your artificial turf field, take a breath; we’ve got your back! At Capitol Turf Pros, we are experts in helping clients maintain ideal, lush looking…

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