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How to Spot Low Quality Artificial Grass

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Everybody wishes to have a beautiful yard without the hassle of keeping up with lawn maintenance or landscaping (after all, that’s what we’re here for). Whether it’s for enhancing the look of a small town home or just for creating your own personal backyard putting green, artificial turf is a great way to achieve the yard you want without the need for constant lawnmowing and watering. However, not all artificial grass is at the high level of quality that we guarantee at Capitol Turf Pros, so it’s important to know how to spot the cheap stuff in order to avoid it.

Signs of Low Quality Artificial Grass

  • Dull appearance – Low quality artificial grass looks exactly how it sounds—cheap and fake. Why is it called artificial grass if it doesn’t even look like grass? At Capitol Turf Pros, we make our artificial turf less reflective to look (and feel) like the real deal. Check out our gallery to see what high quality really looks like.
  • Cheap materials – The low-grade resin often used to produce synthetic turf is evident if artificial grass shows signs of wear and tear, fading, and even melting. These indicators are typically associated with materials imported from other countries, but even American-made turf can be just as cheap in some cases. Unlike our artificial turf, which features heat block and moisture-resistance, low quality artificial grass loses its luster quickly after installation.
  • Climactic instability – If a certain type of artificial grass can only survive in the most consistent, temperate climate and can’t handle extreme weather, it’s probably not the most dependable choice out there. High quality artificial turf is weather-resistant and adaptable to sudden changes in conditions.
  • Lead contamination – Though this isn’t a sign you can physically see, cheaper turf materials—like the ones mentioned above—run the risk of containing dangerous contaminants. You want to make sure your turf is lead-free, especially if you’re using it for playgrounds, gyms, or schools and daycare centers.
  • Limited lifespan – If artificial grass starts falling apart after only a few years (or worse—sooner), you know it’s not the best quality. The artificial turf from Capitol Turf Pros typically lasts approximately 10-15 years before needing to be replaced, and it can last even longer depending on your lifestyle and amount of foot traffic.

High Quality Artificial Turf Installation in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia

What’s the good in installing artificial grass if its quality won’t stand the test of time? Thankfully, at Capitol Turf Pros, we offer the best quality and service at a competitive price. We guarantee that you will be much happier with our artificial turf than you would be dealing with the maintenance of real grass or settling for the issues associated with low quality artificial grass. Made to be attractive and durable for both residential and commercial use, our artificial turf is the answer to all of your landscaping questions.

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